Korgin and Merrill Picture

Korgin and Merrill almost seem to be made for each other. Both have a great interest in adventures and quests, and love exploring the world. Korgin's interest in games and adventure match well with Merrill's love of learning new things and traveling. The two can talk for hours about adventures, tales and quests. It also helps that the two of them are extreme hoarders, with her collecting souvenirs and him gathering upgrade materials. This desire for adventure and upbeat attitudes have the two of them happy to take long-distance missions, or even dangerous ones.

Though a lover of exciting new things,
Merrill acts as Korgin's anchor, having enough common sense to keep him from doing REALLY crazy things. Her experience with travel also makes her the navigator of the group, as Korgin doesn't really have much knowledge of orientation in the outside world. Out of the two, she is the most experienced fighter, having learned many techniques and styles during her previous travels. She is well-trained with a sword and can easily hold her own in a duel.

helps his partner out by being aerial support, keeping an eye out for enemies or taking out foes in hard to reach places. For overcoming obstacles, he always carries her, with him carrying her by her pack or her arms. When lifting her by the pack, she can use bow and arrows to take shots at foes down below. He is also the main strategist of the group, coming up with the attack plans and how to approach difficult situations. Though a lover of weapons and fighting, he doesn't have real experience in battle. So usually he wields some ridiculous weapon and plows into foes, swinging around like a madman. It works surprisingly well.

The two occasionally run into some awkward scenarios, as Korgin believes this is all a game and has not really been with a female before, then combining that with Merrill's touristy personality and general lack of boundaries due to so much travel. Their first expedition together grew weird when Merrill pitched a tent for the two to sleep in at night. These close quarters with her made Korgin nervous and uneasy, as he wasn't sure this was appropriate for the game. It got even worse when it turned out Merrill rolls around in her sleep. Korgin gets confused over some things she does, as he doesn't understand if it is the real her or the character she is acting as (Since he thinks this is all a LARP. He thinks that Merrill is her gamer name and her RPG character, and that the real her is someone else entirely. This is not the case). In return, he baffles her occasionally when he switches between Korgin and Chimeros the Destroyer (His gamer name), as she has no idea what he is doing.


Since everyone else has their back stories told, we are going to get a little more detail on their partnerships. Also I might need to find a different word to use instead of partners, because that always makes them sound like boyfriend/girlfriend. Partnerships are two knights who are commonly assigned with one another, usually because their skills mix so well. These duos are not set in stone, just used a lot. Other duos may be formed and knights can be mixed and matched depending on the mission.

Merrill (Mare-rill) - Based on the morel mushroom

Korgin (Core-gin) - Based on the Korrigan from Breton folklore

Chimeros (Ki-mare-os) - Based on the Chimera, a ferocious monster from mythology, but also the word Chimera which means:
a horrible or unreal creature of the imagination; a vain or idle fancy (A rather fitting name for Korgin)
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