Prometheus and Zeus Picture

This is my entry for AzraelEvangeline's Story of Mythology Contest! This can be found here: [link]

Firstly, apologies for it being sideways! It was taken on my digital camera and it was the only way to get it all in! That is also why it probably is unclear. That, and the water dried all crinkly. >.<

Okay, this is based of the story of Promthesus and how he took fire from the Greek Gods. I had noticed how all the previous entries were about love, so I decided to pick people who hated each other, namely Gilie and Lote. I thought it was also a good explaination on why Lote's wings are made of fire. For some reason, Dae and Minya make a guest appearence. Anyway! This is the story of Promthesus that accompanies the picture.

Zeus (Gilie) decided to hold a grand feast one winter's eve. However, he got too lazy to finish organising the party, so he got everyone else to do it for him. When the party eventually started, everyone enjoyed the feast, except Zeus, who was asleep. After the meal, Prometheus (Lote), Pan (Minya) and Hades (Dae), went outside to cool off, as it was really warm inside with all the candles and lamps about. Pan and Prometheus were somehow enduring Hade's repeated plan of taking over all of Zeus' property, due to Zeus being 'far to lazy to do the work himself', and how a "proper leader" was needed. As Prometheus peered over the balcony in boredom, he noticed how cold the humans below looked. A group were huddled in a cave, avoiding the night time snow and shivering frantically, as they had no fur to keep them warm. As he mused, he felt Pan lazily tug his white wings.
"Whatcha' doing?" He whispered, below Hades' hearing, who was too busy explaining his devious plan. Prometheus jerked out of his thoughts and looked at the other God.
"Wondering how to help the humans," He replied. "They look so cold down there and-" He stopped as one of the maids brought out a candle and torches, before scurrying back inside. Prometheus looked at the flame in confusion, before a smirk crept onto his face. He decided to give the humans some fire to keep them warm. He reached over to the nearby flame and picked up a torch. Suddenly, while lighting the torch, a spark from the fire hit part of his wing, but instead of hurting him, the flame merely replaced the feather. Prometheus carefully placed the lit torch to both his wings, watching his pure white feathers turn into a fire of many reds and oranges with delight. He wanted to help the humans, and he knew how. He climbed onto the balcony and jumped off, fallling toward the humans below. Hades paused mid-sentence and with wide eyes watched his friend falling toward the earth.
At this stage, there had been enough racket to waken Zeus. He slowly got up off his seat and pushed his way through the crowd at the balcony, wondering what was all the fuss that had woken him up. He spied Prometheus gliding gracefully with wings of fire toward the humans. Although half open, he rolled his eyes at Prometheus' extra-hard effort to help those in need. Zeus couldn't unstand the other's desire to over work himself, but one thing was certain. The god's sacred fire had been given to humans. Prometheus must get his punishment.

(I think I got carried away...
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