The Light Picture

Yes!!! I finally done this part! Not bad for the first attempt I guess. This is sequeal story from lunaryu\'s \"Nura\'s Golden Days\" about Kirin and Ryuujin. I hope she like this.
I was planning to make this as short story but I ended up as long one. However, I don\'t plan to draw another this long one later. I would write them in here or Fanfiction as soon as I get permission from lunaryu. (I mean I will continue to write this one.)
Here is the detailed one I got from lunaryu.
\"Ryuujin was still a young dragon (an apprentice of Orochi-- 8 headed snake monster in Japan Mythology who was defeated by Susanoo) before he resided in Fujiyama (since Fujiyama hadn\'t been around in Amaterasu\'s time). Even Japan hadn\'t been named Japan yet~. It was still... Izumo or something (the name of the land). After Orochi\'s defeat, Ryuujin was taken by Susanoo to be his \'transport\', but he didn\'t know that Ryuujin could turn into human (at first). Susanoo brought him to a clearing near a lake when he was on date with his wife (Oto-hime or something, forgot her name). Fortunately, when Ryuujin was left near the lake and Susanoo was off with his wife, he stumbled upon Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi who were also on a... picnic (let\'s make it humorous *lol*) and both the girls were accompanied by Kirtin (their transport as well as bodyguard). That\'s when Kirin met Ryuujin (and they changed into humanoid form), on the lake, when they were resting and taking a drink. ^______^ They seemed clicking on the spot after they talked\"

(and here is another plot)
\"Amaterasu and Susanoo were in bad relationship because Susanoo was predicted to be the destroyer of the world, so both Ryuujin and Kirin were actually prohibited to see each other after their masters found out about their little connection (friendship). But then the war began (between Amaterasu and Susanoo). During the war Kirin saved Ryuujin from Susanoo\'s sword when Ryuujin tried to talk him out of destroying the world. Susanoo\'s sword split Izumo into 4 big islands (which later were named Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku when the Izumo land changed name into Japan) before he was defeated by Amaterasu and was sealed underworld with the help of Izanami and Izanagi. But then Izanami had to sacrificed herself to seal Susanoo and it led into another story with Izanagi and Izanami as the main characters...

While the splitting happened in Izumo, Fujiyama was created. Since Ryuujin helped protecting the land in the end, Amaterasu made him into a Nature God (Deity) for Japan (yes, the name has changed now), gave him power of nature and made him resided in Fujiyama to be worshiped by humans. Kirin remained by her masters\' side, but she occasionally went to meet Ryuujin at Fujiyama (and while doing so, she decided to punish humans who committed sin on her way to Ryuujin\'s place)\"

lunaryu is so awesome to come up with this.
About Kirin\'s name, I gave her Korean name. Actually, Kirin is chinese mythical creature but I made her origin from Korean.
\'Sul-yeon\' means \'snow lotus-flower.\' Her king (the king of Kirins, Kyoryu[yellow or golden dragon]) named her when many lotus-flowers bloomed as snow fall from the heaven.
continue from first description, I would draw short cartoons, which is side story, from the novel. I don\'t know how to submit novel in here so I would ended up to submit in fanfiction.
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