Mr. Hounds the Cerberus FNAF Picture

Yeah....I love this game's concept, so unique. I got so much information and inspiration for it, so I made my own. I hope he's unique and ignore the laziness of it all.

Name: Mr. Hounds Howly (Hounds preferred)
Species: Cerberus
Occupation: Mythology Book Reader. Read G rated Greek and Roman myths to children

Biography: Mr. Hounds was brought in when the whole "education starts early" phase started among adults. Hoping to draw the more conservative crowds, Freddy's brought this animatronic in. When they first brought him in, he was pure brown and only one head talked. This was changed later to joints,tail,tongue and paws were painted a bright yellow to attract smaller children-which it did amazingly and the other heads were given voice boxes. He was sat in a chair in the middle of a room and given a large book to "read" from. His middle head did most of the talking at first, then the other heads started sharing the work. The one on the right or "Mister" was always the angry one in the story, this caused children to shy away from this side of him. The middle head "Hounds" did the narration and the left "Howly" was the good guy.

This was a huge hit, well for a while. Children flocked to him to hear the stories, but also to lay down on the soft of his tail. He was content, flipping the pages in the books with the suction cups in his hands and jacking his jaws until all of the kids went home for the day. After the conservative crowd faded away, they wanted to change Mr. Hounds into something a bit more interactive. They added the yellow hexagons that are on Hounds and Howly's necks. This allowed them to move their heads freely, back, forth, left, right. One was not added to Mister's part, however. This was never really explained although speculated that they were afraid to give such a bad guy head movement. Now the stories were even more lively. Hounds and Howly moved spryly, now moving and bobbing their heads with the stories as Mister stared into the crowd. Eventually, Mister's voice box was thought to have decayed and he never spoke any longer. After awhile, the children heard all the stories and were bored of Mr. Hounds. They began to play roughly with the animatronic, pulling on the tail and tugging the book out of his hands. This was shortly before the Bite of '87. Once the whole deal with the murders, Mr. Hounds was retired due to wanting to give a fresh look to the restaurant.

Sat in a very back room with a camera all its own, he sits in the chair that has supported him throughout all the years. The fur grew dusty and the book blossomed with yellow, old stains. It is unknown who or what or even when Mr. Hounds got possessed, but stories began to be read in the middle of the night. Even new ones that were not programmed into the animatronic. The book was then revoked and the readings stopped. However, shortly after that arguing began from the room. It sounded like just two voices that were yelling at something that wasn't there. Both voices were cracked and harmonized together in their fight. Mr. Hounds was checked on frequently after that, and only a few weeks before reopening it was found that Mister's side of the body, his neck, arm, leg, and torso were becoming loose, only his side. No signs of rust, but his eyes began to dangle in their lifeless whites and the jaw would not open at all.


Of course, late night Mr. Hounds now changes completely. The yellow is now glow in the dark, the only way to see him in the pitch black of the night. His eyes are all crossed, each head shows different emotions. Mister's part of the body rattles more, almost shuttering in the cold. Each eye is now reversed, the lighter yellow is the main color and the glowy one is the whites.

Locations are random, but can follow the others because he, like most dogs, is attracted to other's movement.

Activity is one of the worst parts of Mister Hounds. If he is the first one to come after you, there is a good chance that you can not predict his movements. Though, due to numerous heads and half of his body breaking down, he is slow to move and makes very slow decisions. He can be seen just standing in the hallways in front of doors and whispering arguments can be heard. He can not fit through small places, and he will not (usually) interrupt other animatronics, so he will start over back in his chair if say Freddy comes up behind him in a hallway. Each time he is sent back, he will move faster and skip rooms, but follow the same order as before. When he comes up to any door, the light will only make his movements faster, because he is all agreed that he wants to kill. So, to make him go away you can only flash him once while there or count yourself dead. This, however, means Foxy could sneak up and snipe a kill. It's all the luck, really. The three heads have different ways of killing.

Mister- Mister doesn't really kill until about the 5th or 6th night. Otherwise, he is just dangling off the torso. However on these nights he drops the jaw that everyone thought was rusted shut and jumpscares. You can avoid his strike by hiding in the dark.

Hounds- Hounds kills by usually headbutting. You can be saved by darkness or by Freddy mask/door. If the door is shut, he will cry out then read a short verse from the book,in reverse.

Howly- Howly doesn't enjoy killing as much as the others, and so when he attacks he will stay in the office for a little while, in the corner, watching. On 5th night and forward 3 voices tangle together as he watches, these voices are robotic and the pitch deepens and sharpens randomly causing times of harmony and times of ear piercing independent voices. If another animatronic comes in within a minute he will leave.

You can only predict which head by which one's ears are up.

I will add more. This took wayyyyy too long.

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