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Name: Zsa Zsa Vivas
Age: Barely 19
Sex/Gender: Male
Sexuality: He doesn't quite know
Species: Snow Leopard
Nationality: Russian but he was adopted early into a Spaniard family
Languages: English and Spanish
  • Contortion
  • Equestrian Vaulting
  • Archery Contortion
  • ...Archery Contortion on horses
  • Dancing
  • Riding horses
Height: Barely 5'0 [He's 4'11 but he stands on his tip toes a lot]

Describe their Appearance: NO look at the picture >:U

Personality: He's rather quiet when he's not around Sasha. He's on the shy side and finds it hard to make eye contact with people. He was brought up very sheltered so he's extremely innocent, but at the same time creative as he has come up with his own concepts for different things. He gets scared easily around new people and if someone gets too close he'll usually bolt and hide. He seems like a different person when he performs though.

When he was in school he was severely bullied and hazed by the older kids at his school. They called him cruel names since his skin and hair were different form the other kids in Spain. He stuck out like a sore thumb and they made sure he knew it. They beat him up a good few times as well and told him things like His parents were going to take him back to the orphanage because he was too stupid to read. Because of his history with bullying he's terrified of people and has a very low self esteem.

He's overly attached to his brother Sasha and considered him his only friend, when there is any such threat of Sasha being taken away from him he acts out like a brat. He will hide on the roof of the stables and give the silent treatment to him. He will also refuse to cooperate when taking his insulin.

He is not as feminine/girly as he may seem. He is actually very tough and can hold his own very well. Physically speaking that is.

his Horses
playing with the horses's hair
Pixie Sticks
Ice Cream
Vanners, Friesians, Clydesdales, and Andalusian Horses. He also sometimes likes Shires
Greek and Roman mythology
His bow and arrows
Hair bows and hair chalk
string finger figures [google them lol]

strangers/people in general [More of a fear than a dislike]
being teased
cutting his hair
when Sasha makes him cut his horses mane
hot weather
people touching his horses or messing with his brother
Being ignored or neglected
Being called names whether they are true about him or not
Feeling sad which is often

Sasha [Older brother]

His parents were two purebread snow leopards from a travelling circus in Russia. The circus they were in was very strict and did not allow children. If the ringmaster had gotten word that his mother was pregnant he would've forced her to either have an abortion or he would've killed the baby himself when it was born. They also could not leave the circus. It was their only source of income and their only place to live especially in the winter. They made a deal with the ringmaster that they'd give the baby away when it was born and so they did.

Zsa Zsa had no name for almost 2 years of his life. He lived in a poor orphanage that raised the children to be slaves, maids, and prostitutes to raise money. Luckily he got adopted at about 16 months by Sasha's family. ever since then he and the other boy grew up together.

When he was a baby he was always rolling around and stretching in ways that most people found amazing and nearly impossible. He also displayed amazing balance. That only continued as he got older. He went to public school but people were horrid to him and bullied him verbally and physically because of his dyslexia which made it extremely hard to learn a single language. He didn't have any friends other than his brother so his parents took him out and home schooled him. His father was a master Archer and taught Zsa Zsa everything he knows, He also bought him hsi first custom made bow and arrow set which the boy has named Artemis.

He got into the circus the same way his brother did. The family had gone to a circus one night and he fell in love with a horse act where a Contortionist was shooting arrows at a target with their feet from a handstand position on top of a moving horse. He fell in love witht he act and began to practice more with his own contortion. When they young they lived in the city so they were never allowed to have horses, so when their parents sent them to their grandma's ranch they were both thrilled.

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