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You have entered the toxic wasteland of the Endless battlegrounds the home for all those individuals who constantly force their favourite fandom to battle with someone else’s favourite fandom. Naruko and Ichigo even as females have destroyed all other opponents but can you save them in time before one of them destroys the other?

Already the insults have started with Naruko calling Ichigo’s series Bleach a cheap copy of the rivalry between her and Sasuke copied with Ichigo and Ishida in the more recent chapters and that after losing so much popularity that Bleach must be getting desperate. Ichigo responds by telling Naruko to stop ripping off Japanese mythology and to come up with something original also for a main character she is incredibly harsh to ignore those closest to her to stalk Sasuke obsessively. Ouch those are low blows dealt by both sides if you don’t intervene soon who knows what could happen? Being a fan of Bleach which was often side by side Naruto, they are 2 of your first manga series so you can’t help but love both of them. You quickly enter Ichigo’s body as you are more used to fighting with a sword and to try and reason with Naruko. You couldn’t stand to see two characters you adore fight with one another so while possessing Ichigo’s body you tell Naruko how they should be able to relate to one another as people who fight hard to pursue their dreams.

However Naruko doesn’t back down easily saying that she has the dream of becoming hokage, ending war between the nations as well as saving Sasuke from his downward spiral what exactly is she trying to achieve in comparison? Ichigo might not have a clear goal in terms of what she wants to do as a profession but she knows she is tired of the conflict surrounding all the people she cares for and she wants to get to the root cause of it all and prevent it from continuing. Naruko grew up in conflict and was hated for 12 years of their life so they know how damaging it can be so she starts to lower her guard a little she wanted to fight hard for the faith that her fans had in her but wouldn’t that contradict what she has trying to do all along. As Ichigo you sheath your blade saying that if she wants to strike and unarmed opponent she can go ahead.

Fortunately you were able to reason with Naruko as both them shared these valiant attributes as the main characters of their respective series. Not only did they have cool transformations but they also both fought hard to put an end to the conflict that surrounded them. They also both put the happiness of others before romantic relationships so when they found out just how similar they were…One thing led to another and they soon started a relationship of their own. With Naruko’s amazing ability to save men, Ichigo could learn how to save Ishida while Ichigo’s amazing ability to protect women will help Naruko protect the females close to her. You felt comfortable in this role and if you ever got bored you could just switch to Naruko it was a dream to put an end between to the endless battlegrounds and to turn war into love. The 6 paths lead to a single journey of love End.

Author’s Note:

Naruto Stats: Naruko X Sakura 23 favs, Tsunade X Sakura 12 favs, Ino X Sakura 14 favs, Hinata X Sakura favs. Best viewer pairing Naruko X Sakura with 23 Favs.

Bleach Stats: Rukia X Inoue 8 favs, Ichigo X Inoue 14 favs, Tatsuki X Inoue 13 favs, Matsumoto X Inoue 15 favs. Best viewer pairing Matsumoto X Inoue with 15 Favs.

Considering the popularity of Naruto in the west it’s not surprising that Naruto came out on top. Also you might have noticed that I was a little harsher in comparison to One piece Vs Fairy tail well for some reason those fans seem to get along much better while some Bleach and Naruto fans don't really like each other and what was written was some of the kinder stuff they say to one another. Hopefully this will help those anti the other fandom appreciate the other a little more at the very least. While fanart of these two great series ends here it was a mainly yuri focus as there is already so much better fanart than my own already on DA so a big thanks to all those talented fan artists that contribute to DA on a regular basis and supporting both fandoms. Now this was interesting just when I thought the Ichigo X Inoue pairing would win it, Matsumoto comes to take 1st place just with sexual appeal hopefully this brought back good memories of Bleach as the screenshots this far back are hard to find online now. It’s nice to see so many like the Naruko X Sakura pairing it’s the only true end that was the most popular I guess I need to work harder to make Ichigo, Natsuko and Luffyko more appealing but it’s hard to disagree with the last screenshot of Naruko she just looks too sweet.

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