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He is still in progress, but this is what I got so far!

name: Persus Mowgli

Persus was taken from the name Perseus. In Greek mythology, Perseus, along with Heracles, slayed sea monsters that they referred to as a cetus (relates to lusus/symbol). Persus killed his own lusus.

Mowgli was taken from the title of a Marina and the Diamond's song, "Mowgli's Road." I chose this for his last name because everyone in his family wants to be powerful but has no clue how to get there and doesn't know what they will do with power. They're all indecisive and confused.
The song "Mowgli's Road" is about wanting to change your ways but you don't know how because there's so many options and you just feel lost, questioning your existence.

God Tier (title): Prince of Light

Prince's destroy with [aspect]. Persus is a very destructive person, he has self destruction issues and enjoys destroying people's happiness or belongings.
Light players usually have association with riches, knowledge and fortune. Persus is obsessed with power but to get there he will need to learn things and have something to actually put him above others.

gender: male

age: 7.4 sweeps (16 earth years)

blood color: cyan, but claims to be higher on the hemospectrum by pretending to have sapphire blood (so would be from Terezi's caste but claims to be from Vriska's caste)

symbol: cetus/whale outline

dream: derse

lusus: whale (cetus), "Dagadad" (came from "Dag Gadol" which means "Great Whale" in Hebrew)
death - murdered by Persus

denizen: hades

planet: Land of Stuffing and Ash

Strife Specibus (weapon): flail (big spikey ball on a chain and a stick) -flailkind

Fetch Modus: fishing pole - reach in and take whatever grabs on and gets fished out

Typing quirk/style: appears to have perfect grammar and punctuation, uses the word "whale" in place of "well" and "will"

Interests: taxidermy, fishing, metalworking, cosmetology (hair styling, make up)

Personality: indecisive/unsure, somewhat cocky, destructive, controlling, has a problem with lying/telling the truth. He's very insecure so he hides his blood color since it's a mutant color (the hemospectrum is very important to him) and he doesn't want people to know he has some "girly" interests.

Notes about appearance: He has a weird breathing defect so he started to develop unofficial gills and can breathe underwater.


The Piscator - ancestor (Piscator is another word for fisher)
Fibmon Mowgli - dancestor

Danaus Morpho - moirail (Danaus owned by Narcissistic-Truth )
Agrios Lathos - matesprit
Ariona Delfin - ex-matesprit, kismesis
Leptom Ashmen - possible auspice?

Art and Persus (c) me
Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
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