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Hello again everyone,
now for those who have been following me, and hopefully reading my journals I have been planning a fan fiction series for a while. I know I say I will do this and that when I'm on deviant art, and have not kept those commitments. But because I have not uploaded them, or lost interest, and only have been uploading fan lyrics most of time....... -_-' (Seriously need to get artist sh** together)

Well anyway to the point, this here is a character I have been working on for about I think a year and half now. She is a OC character for Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I love the series and sadly, when first hearing and reading the series it was for a summer reading homework for my first year as a freshman in High school. I didn't think much until reading it, but once I got into it, I instantly loved it. It actually re-sparked my love for greek mythology; growing up I was obsessed with the disney movie Hercules, making me do my own reading about Greek myths, Heros, monsters and they're deities.

This girl is the main character, and how I write the story, its like the series; from her point of view. As for the drawing itself the blue things in front of her, are suppose to be ice formations. I was trying to look up pictures of it and decided to sketch it out until I started layering and shading. I'm still learning how to use copics but if anyone knows where to find a tutorial on how to make ice formations using copic markers it would be really helpful.

The only reason why it has taken this long was because I needed information, since its been awhile after finishing the series, and I needed to refresh my memory. Also for those who follow the series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians this story takes place roughly a year after the end of "The Last Olympian". I have been writing the story, designing characters and making they're profiles. I wanted to make sure that I had the terminology right, along with history of the book series. Also in this universe the spin-off series "Heros of Olympus" does not exist; reason as to why is because I never got into it by adding the Roman version of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, plus it got me more confused from how it works; for instance both versions of the gods are one in the same. Again I respect Rick Riodan's work but I felt as though it was unnecessary to do the Roman faction, again this is just an opinion.

So if your interested, I would like to know cause I have chapters lined up, but I'm always hard on myself when considering on uploading them. I'm not that great of a writer and I'm still learning but if someone wants to volunteer to read the prologue and give me feed back it would really be helpful.
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