Male and Female Longxiaoma Design Picture

The species of my avatar (whom I have named Huangwen) is that of a Lóngxiǎomǎ - part dragon, part horse (based on the Journey to the West's dragon horse (ridden by Xuanzang)).

These horses came about when the dragons mated with the horses. (Yes I know it looks like a Qillin but bear with me - it's not. For one, Qillin do not have the hybrid of eagle/tiger feet).

The Chinese Dragon was said to have 1) A stag's antlers. 2) A camel's head. 3) Eyes like that of a cat (actually demon, but cats eyes come close to this). 4) A snake's neck. 5) A clam's belly. 6) Carp scales. 7) Eagle claws. 8) Tiger soles. 9) Cow ears.

Alternatively, a horse's head and a snake's tail.

So here you have the differences between the male and female

The males have larger and more elaborate antlers. They are taller than the female and look more physically intimidating. In males the spines and 'fur' tufts at the sides of their heads are of even numbers. They also have longer beards, whiskers and tails. Additionally, their mussel's are longer.

Females are smaller. Their antlers are more stubby and the spines and 'fur' tufts at the sides of their heads are of the odd numbered variety. Their beards are more like tufts and they have shorter whiskers, tails and mussels.

And yes, the Lóngxiǎomǎ are predators. Hence the sharp teeth. However they are pescetarians (meaning fish-eaters) they hunt down fish and other sea creatures - what do you think the seaponies eat? In the seas it's far easier to hunt than to grab kelp. And do you know how much plankton is required to feed a whale?!? No, the sensible option for those seaponies would be fish. And that's what the Lóngxiǎomǎ eat - fish.

Going back to the theme of Equestrian lore (and blending it with Chinese mythology) - the Pegasi originally learnt how to manipulate the weather from the Lóngxiǎomǎ (who retained the ability from their dragon ancestors) after their Ruler, Hejian Yun Di gave them the ability. Yun Di is part of his title (it means 'first rain' basically relating to his power as the first weather manipulator). Hejian is his actual name and it means 'harmonious builder'.

What I mean by the Lóngxiǎomǎ being the originators of weather manipulation is that one Lóngxiǎomǎ can do the work of ten Pegasi. And in the places outside of Equestria, they are subject to Hejian Yun Di's weather patterns. (Celestia and Luna have a treaty with him.) Note: much like the princesses are Alicorns, Hejian is a whole lot, and I mean a lot more powerful than the other Lóngxiǎomǎ. His magic (which the Lóngxiǎomǎ call 'Qi') manifests outside of him physically as a large (very much so) pearl, which glows. It hovers behind his head most of the time which throws his features into silhouette. No other Lóngxiǎomǎ has that.

Their country of origin is Jùn Guó (A play on Zhōng Guó - basically China, and while China translates directly as 'The Middle Kingdom'), Jùn Guó translates as 'The Country of Spirited Horses' (mainly I chose it because the sounds are relatively close...). Anyways, if you choose to use a Lóngxiǎomǎ please link it back to me and give me credit! Thanks!

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