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more ideas for SGL Season 2--this scene playing in my head is after Aaron rescues Issa.

At their hotel hideout he confronts her about lying about her true identity.

STORY SPOILER for followerss of SGL...


Isabella didn't know what to say and in fact she was starting to feel a bit peeved by Aaron's attitude.

She didn't exactly chase him down did she? And didn't she tell him that it was probably better that they not even GO there--but nooo he had to frickin' keep at her until she could no longer resist him and now...well, there they were.

Yeah. It was a good story--she was sticking to it.

"To be fair Aaron, I never truly led you astray--I told you I had things I couldn't talk about..."

He nodded, "Yes, you did. And I said I didn't care to know. I can't even really be mad...but I can't help but still feel betrayed. No, you never outright said "Aaron I am the dean of a University"--but that is what you presented yourself to be....Bedsides, how was I to know your secret was so big. I mean--you are a guardian--a GUARDIAN...that would be right alongside meeting Santa Claus and the Easter bunny all in one day..."

Isabella wasn't quite sure she liked being compared to dear old Klaus and a mythological fuzzy rodents but she let it go, "Okay. Well.... what now...?"

Aaron shook his head, "I am not sure. I am still damn crazy mad about you lady, and the things I fell for--your charm, wit, sophistication--beauty... unless you are one hell of an actress, I am assuming all those things are real..."

Isabella nodded, "I never hid myself from you if that is what you mean--I always showed my face to you..."

Aaron stopped pacing and squinted at her as a realization came to him, "Wait... is you real name Isabella?"

She hesitated before speaking slowly, "No, I was Born Camia Hellenia Antonius, a little before the time of Julius Casear..."

Aaron turned 2 degrees paler..."I mean...that'"

"Also--I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant. When Draeli's choose human warriors to fight alongside them they grant them immortality but in turn the human subject becomes sterile..."

At the tail end of the sentence, Issa's voice was almost accusatory...

"What exactly at you saying...?"

"You tell me..."

Aaron blinked at her incredulously then shook his head as if to clear it , "Wait, do you think I willed you to become pregnant? Isabella I love you but I wasn't exactly ready to be a dad."

Looking a bit dazed Aaron plopped onto the hotel bed and placed his head in his hands.

Isabella could see Aaron taking it all in and was staggered by her all her admissions--she didn't blame him for his confusion...she shared it

Everything was so uncertain--and with he Templars of Majiks honing in on Aaron as the covalent, time was indeed running out for the both of them...

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