The Legend of the Black Wolfman. Picture

This is my new OC character, this time, an anti-hero. Like my other OC Darth, he's ageless after becoming a werewolf.

During the events of Alternate Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi and Marvin discovered something monstriously immense, a statue of a big werewolf known by the name of "Conall Adolph". He was mentioned in legends that took place centuries ago before the Star Children's births. His legends was known among the people of the Eleanor Kingdom.

The legends said that Conall Adolph was once a man, until he was bitten by an Alpha Werewolf. After he recieving lycanthropy from his new master, no one ever saw his human again. Conall only appeared as a big werewolf since then. He was black lonely werewolf with shining pink eyes. Legends said that these eyes "cry all the time". The legends confirmed that Conall Adolph is deceased.

In the modern era, by the time King Varun, Marvin and Doshi were venturing in the Eleanor Kingdom, Conall Adolph was briefly encountered by the three. But the werewolf was so powerful, and the three heroes were no match for him. They let Conall escape and was nowhere to be found. Marvin recognize him as the Black Wolfman, by being exactly as described in the books.

In Alternate Kingdom's present day, the heroes saw the statue of Conall Adolph, only being freaked out by seeing his statue.

Conall Adolph is still around Mushroom World. There are still a few things unknown about him, his identity, his goal, his true story, even his human form.

I already said there will be werewolves at some point in the Super Mario Bros. X series. I'm unsure if Conall Adolph will make an appearance in Alternate Kingdom, but as far as I know, he will be a badass character during his debut appearance. Conall Adolph is, at the same time, an Alpha and an Omega Werewolf.

This is based on Teen Wolf (2011) at the same time.

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