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Name: Midas

Age: 4 years

Gender: male

Clan: Field

Rank: soldier

Trainer/Private: --

Soulmate: --

Mother: Jay
Father: Cain
Siblings: (if you would like to be related lemme know)

When he was born, a beautiful golden pup, Midas was given the love an adoration of his parents, who rather doted over him. Midas was given confidence as a pup, though his family refused to ever say anything remotely negative. No matter what, it was always a matter of keeping appearances- they wanted to appear the happiest and most cohesive family that existed, and, in part, they pulled it off. Midas lived a relatively normal life, growing up next to the rest of his pack and getting to know them all well. he became the sunshine of the group, always cheerful and smiling. If Midas was sad, then the entirety of the pack must have been suffering. Even when he fell nearly to his death, his side slashed open wide and his fur sheered off of one side, he would never allow others to pity him, telling them that he would be fine.

This outward positivity led Midas to harbor negative things inside, and though he hates himself sometimes for thinking angry or disrespectful thoughts, he would never express it. He has trouble expressing anything but excitement and happiness and can possibly creepy with how he acts- overly positive or optimistic


Peppy: Midas adores making others happy and will do nearly any stunt to see them smile- it's a rather fatal flaw of his, even coming to the point where he can't hardly stand it if someone doesn't like him.

empathetic: Midas simply does no tolerate negative feelings. he loves to help wolves out of bad places in their life and will try his best to see through their eyes.

deep: although he has never expressed this to anyone, Midas is wise and deep, knowing a lot about wolves and how they act, knowing just how deep emotions can fester in the mind. He often will create unsaid monologues in an attempt to explain his feelings to himself.

patient: Midas never ever looses his temper. He is always calm and smooth, helping ease tensions and diffuse arguments

Likes: helping other wolves, running, swimming, talking to himself, wind

Dislikes: thinking negatively, wolves who are purposefully antagonistic, storms,

Strengths: He can smile throughout any situation and is very kind

Weaknesses: Can't cope with negative emotions in himself, can't predict things going badly

Fears/Phobias: being in a public place and being unable to smile

Speech Patterns: "ahha!" "Really now, darling, you're okay." "yes, yes, very (whatever it is)"

Quotes: "No matter what's going on in your brain, what matters is what comes out your mouth! Other wolves have no right to look into your brain at your privacy."


Misha- she's a beautiful lass, and it's my goal to make her smile! so far she's presented quite the challenge- haha!

Shika- my leader! Never could I say anything crass about her, though she can be rather physical! I think she enjoys her standing and has earned it, though.... the subject of her late mate is of some question to me.


He used to have bright blue eyes, but I decided to make everything about him golden instead when I came up with his name

he reminds me of myself in the fact that I have trouble ever being angry or sad

his favorite food is fish and sometimes wishes that he was a part of ocean pack, though he would never abandon his pack mates

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