Guardian Sailor Dixie Picture

"Guardian Sailor Dixie, Soldier of the South, member of the Star Warriors."

One thing that is notable about the Sailor Warrior Senshi is that each of the Senshi are highly unique in terms of uniform and representation. Where most Senshi take on the name of a celestial body, the Star Warriors will assume the names of their respective cultures, mythological gods, ideals, or even their own home regions. Guardian Sailor Dixie is one of the latter.

The Senshi in question is a young woman of 27 years of age who was a huge history buff, specifically regarding the American Civil War. Part of this is because of her heritage and the place of her birth. Samantha Atherson Alexander was born in the South, the local name of the southern region of the United States, in Savannah, Georgia. Her last name is important, for Samantha is a descendant of one of the best artillerymen of the Civil War. She is a descendant of Edward Porter Alexander, one of the best artillery specialists and engineers in the Confederate Army who gave the Union some of their most stinging defeats at Bull Run, Fredricksburg, and Chancellorsville, and it was he who led the massive bombardment on the final day of the Battle of Gettysburg.

That is Samantha's heritage. She is also deeply respectful of the Civil War, honoring both sides. She is also a faithful Protestant and proud to be a Southerner. Many of her Star Warrior sisters know her immediately because of her accent; Samantha has one of the thickest Southern accents ever heard. She is however, a highly intelligent woman, unbiased and caring towards others, and a staunch opponent of racism and inequality. It was all these traits that made her eligible to become a Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors.

Her training progressed well, and when her initiation came, Samantha chose to honor her ancestor and his fallen Confederate brethren by donning the colors of the Confederate Army. The culture of the South is highly admiring of the Confederate rebellion as a symbol of Southern pride and independence, so when Samantha donned this mantle, she was actually going to represent the entire South. She became Sailor Dixie.

Years later, she is now Guardian Sailor Dixie, a Senshi of incredible skill and prowess, respected by her fellow sisters.

Weapons and items

Star and wreath clasp- she wears a gold star surmounted by a wreath upon her breast. This is her Transformation Item. Whenever the need to transform into her Senshi identity arises, Samantha holds the emblem up high and shouts the motto of her home state, "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation." A halo of bright energy surrounds her, surprisingly followed by the cries of long-dead Confederate soldiers, who cry the Rebel yell that is such an iconic sound of the Confederate Army. When the transformation is complete, Guardian Sailor Dixie has appeared.

Laser rifle- it may not really look it, but Samantha's principal firearm whilst in her Senshi form is a laser weapon that fires pinpoint beams of killing light. The weapon doesn't look advanced because it's not meant to, Samantha having fashioned the rifle to resemble a Civil War-era musket. Beneath its fine exterior however, is an advanced weapons system complete with a hi-tech targeter, allowing the weapon to double as a makeshift sniper rifle.

Spencer carbine- this firearm is an authentic modern creation of that age-old firearm used by Civil War cavalry on both sides. Samantha's is ornately decorated and sports a fine finish, but is more deadly than the old Spencer due to the availability of modern technology.

Combat sabre- in her Senshi form, Samantha carries a sabre much like those worn by officers and generals in the Civil War. Hers, however, is made of diamond-hard steel derived from the Japanese katana, and is better reinforced thanks to modern forging techniques.

Colt revolver- holstered at her side is a Colt-type revolver. Modernized and designed to fire modern and rare bullets, the revolver is her weapon of last resort.

Standard of the South- believe it or not, Samantha's main Attack Item is a Confederate battle standard, a Stars and Bars flag made by her. Embroidered within its surface lie the names of many Confederate victories and fallen soldiers, as well as a cannon emblem to honor her ancestor. This Item is a magical item, and Samantha uses it with surprisingly remarkable skill and dexterity, thanks to her once being part of her high school's color guard.

Known attacks

Spirit of the South- her strongest attack, it takes the form of a shining orb of light. The light can be dispersed in numerous ways, and the shape it takes all depends on the creator's image. This makes the attack a highly versatile one.

Rebel Yell Symphony- another of her attacks, it involves the use of her battle standard. A light begins to emanate from the standard and as it reaches its peak, Samantha begins to charge at her enemy. Soon anyone within its proximity can hear the many cries of Confederate soldiers accompanying her. What follows is an unknown but deadly force of energy that barrels down all enemies in its path.

Cannonade Rain- this final attack of hers honors Samantha's ancestor. When she conjures this attack, the artillery embroidery upon her standard glows bright golden, and suddenly one can hear the sound of massed artillery fire from afar. This is a prelude to the sudden and shocking appearance of countless cannonballs that come from nowhere and strike down all in their path. That is the power of Cannonade Rain.

I've probably gone a bit overboard, but I did say that my Sailor Warriors would be extremely diverse. This is but an example. So, here's another Sailor Senshi of my own making, mixed in with the Civil War.

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