Yumboes Picture


They're an actual mythological fairy, I didn't make 'em up. Supposed to be two feet tall, but I assumed they were perfectly proportioned scale-down'd. Y'know. Like kenders and haflings. Silver hair and pearly skin, and dressed in panos.

Fun stuff.

Come from Africa, and live in the Paps hills. They come out to dance in the moonlight and steal your corn.

So uh, not (c) me. Not that anyone can claim (c) over ancient mythology.

Picture's mine though.

As one may notice, I didn't actually pay any attention to the doodle itself, or actually spend any time on the inking, hence the crappy job on both (ew hands and feet). Spent most of my time carefully shading the hair with a single grey pencil crayon. I'm fairly proud of how it turned out. Made a mistake or two with a few ill-placed lines. Ffff.

Scanned much more colourfully and darkly than it actually is, but that's how my scanner rolls.
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