Shaun UR application Picture

My application for [link] Underworld Residents! I promise I plan on getting a better picture sometime in the future!!! Those two kitty creatures are his alternate forms. [link] The business card is in!

EDIT: Okay, I made it digital! Still could do better, still will do better later, but this is the best I can do at this moment in time.

[n a m e]
Shaun Sarantos

[a g e // d o b]
March 13, 1995 (17)

[g e n d e r ]

[h e i g h t // w e i g h t]
5' 3'' 117 lbs

[s p e c i e s]
Bakeneko, a species of cat demon/shifter from Japanese mythology, known for menacing, or even eating, sleeping humans, walking on its hind legs like a man, flying, talking in the human tongue, creating ghostly fireballs, turning a corpse into a zombie by leaping over it, and taking human form. Aside from his normal cat form, he also turns into a monstrous demon cat, but he doesn't like to turn into it, and only does in cases of great emergency.

[j o b]
Pest Control, looking for a second job in entertainment.

[a p a r t m e n t . c o m p l e x]
Knobbs Corner. Roommate is Hyde.

[p e r s o n a l i t y]
He often hides his insecurities behind a violent nature and coy bravado. He comes off as cocky, self absorbed and tempermental, but in truth he hates himself, and doesn't see why anyone should feel otherwise. If he grows comfortable with someone, however, he opens up like a flower, and can be as sweet, caring and loyal as any cat could be. He is also very, VERY protective of those he sees as friends, and would both kill and die for them, and has done the former before in the past. He is also very sensitive about his looks, as he sees himself as looking too feminine, and if anyone brings it up, the claws tend to come out!
His worst habit, however, is his manners. He is a cat, after all, and acts like one completely. He can be nosy, snappish, and emotionally unbalanced, and he hates not being able to get his way. He is the worst at taking critisism

[l i k e s // d i s l i k e s]
+ Eating
+ Sleeping
+ Hunting (In his cat form)
+ Fighting (In any form)
+ Night time
+ Fish!
+ Singing
+ Animals (Edible and otherwise)
- Loud noise
- Bright lights/ daytime
- Harsh smells (Like chemicals)
- Bullies!!!
- Humans
- Crowded or cramped places
- Being called feminine, or having his manhood called into question

[h i s t o r y]
Shaun was born of a human male Gypsy and a powerful female Bakeneko, and was shunned by his father for being a monster. The power of the Bakeneko blood keeps him from being human in any way, but he does have the mutation that he cannot fully hide his form when he shifts into his human shape, the one he stays in when in public, causing his ears, tail, toes, claws, fangs and eyes to stay feline. So, he was raised alone by his mother, who trained him in the ways of his powers until he became a talented fighter and hunter at the young age of 7.
He soon began to feed off of human energy, and quite often, an easy task in a time where humans no longer believe in monsters, but he went out of control in this, and was soon pulled away by his mother to a wild place where he would no longer be tempted. They stayed there until he was 13. After so many years, he ran away from his mother's watchful eyes and went back to the human world, where he began to roam. As a cat, he was treated horribly, kicked at and tormented until he could scarcely sleep without fearing he would awaken to pain. As a human, he was taunted for his looks, and the fact that he slept on the streets. At last, at 15, he could no longer take it, and he discovered a new ability. The ability to create undead monsters that would serve his every whim. He unleashed a horde of zombies on the human world, but was stopped when his mother finally found him, and stopped his advancing army before it ever reached its goal. As punishment, she sent him into the Unterwelt. Little did she know, it was far better for him to be there than anywhere else in the world, and he grew to like living in the wonderfully dark world he now found himself in.

[m i s c e l l a n e o u s . i n f o r m a t i o n]
The ghostly fire he creates is a deep, cold, black color, and his eyes glow a brilliant, wonderful green when in his full demon form, or when he uses his magic or becomes upset/angry/excited. Last, but not least, his answer to solving any problem is either hit it really hard, or catch it on fire.
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