Vampires are Lawyers Picture

So i have been trying to name my little story, and i have been tossing around the names "No More Spoons" or "Good-Bye Kansas" personally i'm leaning toward No More Spoons, but i haven't committed to anything yet.

anyway this page of pencil vomit features two named characters, Holly, and her "Grandfather" ( i haven't decided if they are related or he just raised her) Hector Keller.

the premise of this story that, is that Mythological creatures and monsters live quite comfortably right beside humans, said Humans being non the wiser. Only a select few humans can see past their illusions, this ability is rare, completely random and will pop up when it damn well pleases.

with that being what i think i will go with i have been compiling a list of mythological creatures and monsters and trying to place them within fitting jobs and such, the first and most natural just happened to be Lawyer Vampires, it just fits, you know it does.

also for shits and giggles, have Buttercup the Krookodile, an unnamed Mantyke, and Persephone the Whimsicott being all boss in the corner.
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