Leona Picture

Name: Leona (not her original name, which she has forgotten)
Date of birth: March the 5th, year unknown

Place of birth: Kalevala (today's Finland)
Nationality: Finnish

Height: 179 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Eye: green
Hair: black

Weapon: bow and dagger
Usual outfit: shorts, tank top, cape
Ability: seduction (works on both sexes)

Short biography:
Childhood: she was born in a village in western Kalevala with a different name, and lived a generally happy childhood. She liked hunting with a bow, and has shot many valuable games. She was driven away when she killed a wealthy man over a stag which she had been after for years.

Teenage years: living alone in the wilderness was easy for her. She hunted as much as she needed to survive and trade. Occasionally she sent letters to her family. The real turn of events was when the nation of Pohjola attacked. She went back to her village, only to find it being razed by the northern soldiers. Shortly after joining the defence forces, she was lethally shot with an arrow. As life was leaving her body, an image of Lempo appeared and offered an ultimatum. He promised to stop the Pohjolan army, but in return, she had to serve him in the afterlife. She was hesitant at first, but seeing her father desperately fighting a swordsman, she agreed to the terms.

Afterlife: serving Lempo was not as bad as she had thought. She was given the name Leona, and could appear as a corporeal human and hunt as much as she wanted. The only criteria was that she had to throw the heart of each prey into river Tuonela. She was once given the task to kill a man who was in love. After some of Lempo's mind control, she did not only perform the task, she made the victim follow her willingly to the river, then pushed him in. Lempo saw her potential, and encouraged her to use seduction for these tasks, which she did.

Rebirth: for years, she had been hearing gods talking about "Tuoni's plan," but never understood the whole concept, so she started investigating. Finding the disgusting truth shocked her and cancelled the mind control's lingering effect. She was disappointed and mad at underworld's gods who had tricked her into doing the dirty work of luring souls into Manala. She begged for the gods' forgiveness, and only by Ukko's mercy was she able to leave Manala and return to the mortal world - which had changed significantly.

Reborn: The old traditions had faded away, the Sampo had been destroyed, and even Väinämöinen was never heard of again. She searched, but couldn't find her family. Her village, however, was in good condition. Residents told her that her family had moved to the southern end of Kalevala. She also heard that the Pohjolan army was destroyed by a stampede of wild animals, which meant that Lempo kept his end of the bargain after all. After sending her family a letter and receiving a reply, her previous actions were forgiven by the village. After so many years, she could finally settle down and have a good life.

Based on Elias Lönnrot's epic and pagan Finnish mythology.
Kalevala: today's southern Finland.
Pohjola: literally Northland; the country to the north of Kalevala. The two nations are at war.
Tuonela and Manala: the pagan Finnish underworld. Equivalent to the Greek mythology's underworld. The two words are mostly used synonymously, though Tuonela often refers to the river leading to Manala.
Tuoni: often called Mana, he is the ruler of Manala and the god of death; the equivalent of Hades.
Lempo: the chief demon, and the god of love.
Ukko: the chief god, god of thunder; equivalent of Zeus.

Special thanks to Jeimine

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