Of Pomegranates and Tears Picture

So this is Persephone, Greek goddess of springtime and flowers.

I thought that, well- being kidnapped to the cold, rocky, humid Underworld wasn´t exactly pleasant. She must have almost gone crazy- thinking about her mother, kidnapped by the god of death, and in a place so different from the sunny flower fields she liked so much.
Alright, I´m sounding dramatic now...

The thing is, I figured she mught have escaped Hades for a while and had a moments alone. She was so desperated- missing her old life so much- that she thought she would go insane if she didn´t have something to remember there was another place other than the Underworld.
And so she managed to make a flower bloom, against all odds. (Life cannot be created in a place of death- at least that´s what I think, even if it was only a flower.)

Okay, I´m over with the rant now.
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