Lyun Picture

So I decided to mix things up and you know since I don't see many partly-human mascots around much here on DA ( I bet there are some but I just haven't seen many.) Therefore I decided to make my design part deer, because I think the animal resembles swiftness and grace in a way. Why does the deer relate to art I can see you asking that question. Well I took most of deer thing from various mythologies and deer do show up in some Chinese, Slavic, and other types of mythology. Some are usually companions of the gods. I was thinking that my design was the companion to the god of creativity and art. Her clothing is mostly kinda not from the renaissance era. I mostly consider the renaissance era to the be the birth place of art since during that era shading and perspective were first used. If you have any questions just comment. I'm coloring this later until everybody in our group as submitted a character design for our mascot.
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