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General information

[ Name ]
Cadee Dawud

Miss. C

[ Age ]
[ Race / Species ]
Human-greek/african, Weirn

Basic Magic

[ Abilities / Power(s) ]
Weirn & Astral info
The weirn is a specific type of witch characterized by strong magical abilities and a being or familiar called an astral. The astral seems to be the defining characteristic that separates Weirn's from regular witches. Astrals appear as a floating mask with black and white smoke coming all around it. They are demons bound to the weirn for life. According to weirns, "Astrals are not terribly smart, unlike real demons like myself. They are as loyal as dogs and have just about as much sense or finesse, but with care, attention, and proper training techniques, they can become quite clever and useful, beyond their natural function of protecting you and being a general waste of space,Astrals may be easily capable of punching through walls and such, but applying finesse in a delicate task? You'll find out it's not quite as easy as it 'looks'." However, an astral is not a "separate thing" from its weirn, but a "part of your being, part of your power - like your voice, your hands." They don't like being treated as inferior or separate from their weirns, and cannot fairly be blamed for their owners' faults in controlling them.
A few notes: It is taboo for a person to touch a weirn's astral, and it appears that it is extremely insulting to ask to see or touch it. Weirns are able to hide their astrals from view simply by telling them to hide. With their astrals hidden, weirns appear to be normal humans. Astrals are fiercely protective of their weirns, and possess immense strength and shape shifting abilities, though the last appears to come only with training and experience.

-Astral abilities/power
flight: create wings around Cadee so she could fly at will and any time.
~ to do this must be focus on flight; things that flies. Then believe you could as well.
simple acts: stir,lift,drag, toss, and etc. It could do stuff any person would do even it like a could like sheet that you could phase through.
sense: Cause Cadee raised it train it so well, its able to sense lots of things mostly danger/enemies. Cause its goal is to protect its owner no matter what.
hiden: when command to hide by its owner it will vanish from the blink of an eye. It still could still be there but wont appear with out its master demands.
transform/shape shift: It could turn to any shape or form at will or demand.
~ when over worked itself, he transform back to its regular state till it regains itself to do it once again
protection: take damage from any attacks on its master
Learn: just like any child/teen/adult it still learning but it mostly at Cadee level but it could become smarter.
~ Cadee must always be smarter to stay in control of her Astral.
magic: capable to use magic
with out its master it wont be able to do anything on its own, it be confused and not sure exactly what to do it might get some lucky shots but if their master and self not connected it be so frantic.

-Weirn abilites/power
spells/magic: Like any warlock,witch, and wizard Cadee able to magic like them with or with out her weirn but she does it with out a wand or staff.
~weirn's have slight advantage then a witch or warlock because of their astral.
potions: Cadee able to create vast of potions from years of studies, she finds it as a hobby then work.
astral: a familiar that bond to them till their ends of life; like another source of them self.
no magic or astral she just be another human being with large knowledge.

[ Height / weight ]
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155

[ Gender ]

head-oval like with a sharp chin
noes- bridge of nose flat, dosn't poke out much
eyes- slanted
lips- thin but top lip thicker
ears- pointy;elfish
body- slight hour glass;thin hourglass
legs- thin and long

[ Personality ]

Cadee personality can be very special sometimes but she always tries keep a calm and cooling attitude but she can be very moody even over-react to things so watch out.Over all she could be very loving person when you on her good side and close.She could also be susceptible specially when it comes to a student for giving advice, her bluntness also could get her little trouble but she will tell you things straight up. There little chance she would lie, if she does its always a reason for it. Cadee can be very harsh with action and words but she always end up being sympathetic towards that person. She would break you and put you back together.Like i said before Cadee being blunt that means she sensual. Cadee don't seem like it at times but she very faithful person. When Cadee instincts happen she keep her self on it, so she can be instinctive. Even she charitable to others and to herself so she very much a hoarder with stuff as if EVERY thing have meaning to it. Also Cadee don't like young one trying to over power he to keep her down she wont accept that she fights back make sure they place under her thumb in a hard lesson even if you have to be close to death by her.

[ History ]


Her Grandmother Takis was post to be the one to be teaching the class of basic magic that her good friend offered her after he became headmaster of Legacy Academy but she old now she not like how she used to be but her grandchild Cadee she much of herself in her after all she did taught her nine years about magic and mastering her astral then left her on her own. She knew Cadee grown stronger over the past 12 years just on her own she knew she able to teach other young minds of the arts of magic now she has her full trust into her. Instead letting the headmaster know he sent the letter to Cadee. When Cadee received the note she was a little surprised but found it interesting so she took up the offer even if it wasn't mean for her.

When arriving to the school she noticed not alot of discipline but something wont be taken care of. She went to her new room and set everything so she felt just like home again but now she must wonder what students she might gain from this. Soon she will find out but for now she going enjoy the peace she has now with her astral.

[Optional information]

Date Of Birth: July 6
Sign: Cancer
July 4 - July 13
Being born between the 4th 13th of July means you’re an individual who has developed a high degree of concentration and are focused on achieving more than the average sort of life. There are times when you are possessive and domineering of your loved ones, but by the same token your exceedingly loyal and will sacrifice much for their happiness. Be careful to allow others independence and freedom, rather than trying to keep them under your thumb.
(Info found here --> cancer.html">… <---)

Eye Color: Gray
Hair color: Blonde, thick and curly (hair dyed, real hair color is brown)

[ Family ]

Mother's side
[name mother]
Tabitha (Katarzyna) Dawud/married/age 46/alive
human, weirn
siblings: none
child: 1 Cadee Dawud{biological}

[name grandmother]
Lachesis Katarzyna/married/age 63/alive
child: 1 Tabitha (Katarzyna) Dawud{biological}

[name grandfather]
Farris Katarzyna/ married/age 67/ not apon us
siblings: Takis Katarzyna-sister{biologiacal}
child: 1 Tabitha (katarzyna) Dawud{biological}

[other grandmother]
Takis Katarzyna /single/ age 65/ alive
siblings: Farris Katarzyna-brother{biological}
child: unknown

Father's side
[name father]
Cleavon Dawud/married/age 44/ alive
siblings: none
child: 1 Cadee Dawud{biological}

[name grandmother]
Ali Dawud/married/age 59/ not apon us
child: 1 Cleavon Dawud{biological}

[name frandfather]
Oda Dawud/married/ age 62/ not apon us
siblings: none
child: 1 Cleavon Dawud{biological}

Alanzo Donatello/single/age 29/ alive/human-alchmist/ race Italian

[ Likes / Dislikes ]

Teaching(on her own time)
Scents of sandalwood & white roses (hopes to bring luck)
Pearls,white jade, and moon stone (hopes to bring luck)
Classical music

Astral touching with out permission.

[ Random Facts ]
-Speaks Latin, English, Italian
- Study alchemy just a bit (taught by Alanzo)
- pierce nose on the left
- favorite stories beowulf, red death, and greek mythology
-study history of magic
-wear glasses at times
- study on species
- she must have her hot tea and pretty face on in the mornin or she going to be very hot tempered


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