Rekawka 2005 - 8 Picture

Rekawka is a yearly event in my home town. The name comes from "rakev" which meant "grave". It is called so, because the festivities take place at the feet of an ancient sepulchre, popularly known as the barrow of the mythical king Krak, the founder of the city. Krak/Krok is, in fact, an important figure in Slavic mythology. Czechs and Pomeranians have their kings Kroks/Kraks too. For some years now, a small early medieval market has been held there. It's organized by a local cultural centre and by Druzyna Wojow Wislanskich "Krak" [link]

The event always takes place on the Tuesday following Easter. It is believed to be a festival dedicated to the God Yarovit. Colored eggs are rolled down the slopes of the Barrow (they are collected by children who take them home as their lucky charms
I wish I took more photos... I was so distracted I almost forgot I had my camera about me. That's what happens when 2/3 of your many friends and acquaintances are suddenly found in one place!

These guys are trying to push one another from saddle. Nice traditional game, innit?
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