Layla: Everything you'd ever need to know OC sheet Picture

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Name: Layla Carter
Nickname: Lea, Lay, Bit, Runt, Daisy, Sunshine.
Meaning of name: In short, it means "night" in Arabic, Carter is of English origin and is an occupational name given to one who transports goods by cart or wagon.
Origin of name: Layla was the name of the object of romantic poems written by the 7th-century poet known as Qays. The story of Qays and Layla became a popular romance in medieval Arabia and Persia.
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Blood type: AB
Race: Caucasian/Human
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Current status: Alive(?)
Socioeconomic level as a child: Low
Socioeconomic level as an adult: Average
Birth date: September 8, 2255
Birth place: Crystal Falls, Michigan
Current residence: DC/Capital Wasteland
Occupation: Guard and head of tech. maintenance of Canterbury Commons
Title/Rank: (See above)
Hobbies/Interests/Pastimes: Inventing, science, traveling and scavenging, reading old books/encyclopedias, singing, fixing old technology and plumbing, mythology and literature of all kinds, art (especially sculptures), pre-ware Japanese culture, languages, mythology, pre-war anything, blades and collector items and collecting nic knacks.
Talents/Skills/Powers: Able to fix just about any technical piece of equipment, knows blueprints and the insides of many machines at the top of her head, able to disable enemy robots and digital traps, fairly good at restoring furniture and interior/exterior of houses, very great singer although hides it, knows a fair amount in medical fields, agile and flexible,

Past History

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
First Memory: Running down the halls and playing tag with Tara in the bookstore she once lived in.
Most important childhood event that still affects her: The death of her neighbors and destruction of her last home known as "The Hills" and not being reunited with her parents when they fled.
Why/How? Pretty self explanatory.
Other memories/events that still affects her and why/how: Being burnt in the fire, it caused her to be afraid of large flames(such as bonfires), when her dog Oliver lost his leg caused her to afraid to lose anyone close to her. When she moved to Canterbury Commons her more social and outgoing self came out, the people there making her learn to be happy again. Random past memories of her childhood back home in Detroit. Setting Zaeed free from the slavers made her believe that you should never judge people by their appearance.
Past failures she would be embarrassed to have people know about and why: She really has none, other than the fact she has never tried to return home, yet that is more of something she regrets.
Biggest role model: Her cousin Tara and father, Kurt and Parker.
Tara always looked after her and protected her when they were on their own and even back in their hometown. She was basically like a sister to her. Her father heavily influenced her love for science and technology that she still has an interest for to this day. Parker was her first friend she had, he'd always stand up for her and watch out for her as well. He'd also was very level headed and understanding, and she admired his kind attitude.

Backstory: Born and raised in the Michigan, she actually lived in the upper peninsula from birth till age 2 until her and her family moved to the region which used to be Detroit. The city still having most of its buildings and skyscrapers, with settlements practically built on roof tops with sturdy bridges connecting them together. Her family and the town she lived in were major tinkerers and science 'freaks', being raised in this environment made her love technology. She lived with her mother and father(Dana and Kurt Carter), aunt (Beth Morrison) and two uncles (Ryan 'Red' Wilson and David Carter) and cousins Tara Morrison and Lily Carter, them all living in a old bookstore together which was over five stories. She often read the tech books that still accumulated space in the store, learning from her family and encyclopedias about everything science related to get an early start with inventing. All her childhood she was pretty quiet and kept to herself, often would play with her cousins around the large city's buildings and landscape. When she turned 11, Layla and her parents, aunt and cousin Tara moved more towards the DC area to see how things were out there, leaving the two uncles, aunt and Lily there and settling down in a place that people simply called 'The Hills', it actually being built on top of a large hill which overlooked most of the area. (Cliche right? The town was never properly given a name due to it was once just a pit stop for traders which slowly over time accumulated residents. It was originally a nickname that just stuck) After getting used to the town there, her parents found out the settlement had frequent trouble with a neighboring band of raiders, the settlement would often get harassed by the raiders and shot at from afar. Just as they were about to up and leave to their home again, disaster struck; the raiders finally making a full frontal attack on the town, burning it to the ground and making everyone scatter to safety. Tara and Layla escaped together, Tara being fine but Layla being badly burnt. Layla never found out weather or not her parents really died or not, but Tara was told by Layla's parents to take her far away from the town. (She still believes Layla's parents are alive and well.) They ran away and eventually made their way into the DC area, then eventually to Canterbury Commons where Layla felt at home due to the kindness of the residents there. After a few years of residing there she decided to call it her home, being left there to herself with the residents when she was 15 by Tara who picked up mercenary work. She quickly fit in the little town and became an important resident there. Years flew by and she turned 22; the buildings, electricity, technology and plumbing there being slowly resorted since she moved in from her help, making her a valued member of the community. She has lived in a restored building next to uncle Roe's house for seven years.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6
Weight: 115
Posture: If siting, either hunched over with her arms propped up and folded over a table, legs crossed or up to rest her chin on them. Standing she has a imposing stance about her.
Build: Slender/thin/small framed, yet some muscles such as her shoulders are arms are a little visible, high A-cup breasts. Longer legs.
Skin: A pale color with very faint freckles on her cheekbones, nose and chin.
Hair: Shoulder length, loosely curled, ash brown/blonde hair with bangs that sit right above her eyebrows. Blonde strands show in direct sunlight. Will often cut the length shorter than that or grow it out, but generally keeps it at this length.
Widow's peak? No
Ears: Detached ears (Free ear lobes)
Eyes: A light forest green color
Nose: Concave/upright
Mouth: Full lips, although a bit small/thin
Face shape: Heart shaped
Expressions: Usually either neutral faced, smirking or frowning, and when she's angry it's pretty damn obvious, brows furrow when concentrating or annoyed. She is vey expressive and often changed her tones or facial expressions depending on what she's talking about or listening to.
Describe their smile: A sly looking smirk, half the time it's an open smile to show her teeth.
Hands: Slender and long fingers, nails are grown out past the fingertips.
Feet: Size 8 in women's
Tattoos/Scars? No tattoos, but has a thick scar on top of her right wrist from nearly having her hand cut off from a ripper, and a burn scar she hides under her red bandanna on her left arm, another cutting down her left eye, over the bridge of her nose and one through the right side of her both her lips
Glasses/Contacts? Neither
Left/Right handed? Right handed
Distinguishing features: Extremely bright and friendly eyes when happy, cold and distant when neutral or annoyed, and venomous when angry.
Who does she take after; mother or father? Takes behavior and attitude from mother, science/technology interests from father. Facial features and body shape from mother/mother's side of the family, eye color and hair color from father.
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Mixture of mild punk wear, to normal to average. She has a mixture of just about everything.
How does she dress or what do they typically wear? Doctor's fatigues, customized leather armor and outfits which usually include denim shorts with black tights sewn underneath, a grey or black cropped shirt with leather shoulder, arm and leg/waist guards. ALWAYS wears her red bandannas, occasionally will wear her black gas mask. Usually always wears her steel toed, steel heeled boots as well.
Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: (see above)
Jewelry: Six ringed earrings covering both ears, sometimes wears bracelets and rings she's finds, and wears her house key around her neck.
Other accessories: Two red matching bandannas. One around her neck, other covering the scar on her left arm. Sometimes will change the red bandannas to dulled green ones. A bunch of random bits and bobs she found around the wastes she tends to attach to her bag or clothing.
Weapons: Lincoln Repeater and machete
Health: Fairly healthy, although has a few things wrong with her such as acute insomnia, prone to migraines, weak lungs around dust and chemicals among being allergic to dust.
Hygiene: Get's dirtied up easily, but tries to clean up often. Hair is usually messy and soot and ash usually finds its way on her.
Physical Flaws: Bad back, weak arms, sensitive left arm (from burn that was never really treated), lungs are sensitive to dusty areas which can make her go into coughing fits, ears are sensitive to loud noises.
Physical Qualities: Quick and light on her feet, very good and sneaking around and sulking in the shadows, able to make very sweet faces that she can use to her advantage in certain situations/charms people, agile/flexible and able to break free if bound, great eyesight.


Are they generally balanced or clumsy? Balanced, her size helps with that, but can hurt herself a lot when working.
Mannerisms/Poses/Movement: Well mannered yet over all casual. Moves quickly and quietly with light movements. Yet will interrupt when someone's wrong is is annoying her.
Describe their walk: Takes long strides that are quick and quiet, she also only presses her toes on the ground out of her foot.
Describe their fighting style: Overall: brutal. When she has to fight she will fight dirty. Tends to punch or choke people, claw at/bite and hit their eyes with the hilt of her blade or gun. When able to, she'll try to trip a foe to the ground. Uses homemade bombs and gasses to her advantage. She likes to describe the way she fights as a kamikaze, throwing all her strength into her attacks yet never expecting to win the fight.
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: Workaholic and perfectionist, tends to ramble on or drift off in her head, very anal about everything in her home and has a spot for every tiny item. Obsessions would probably include her bandannas, if she wouldn't be able to find them she'd have a panic attack and most likely hyperventilate and curl up on the floor crying. Can interupt people and be a bit rude without meaning to.
Speech Patterns: Talks very casually, mumbles, stumbles over her words or stutters when nervous or shy, sometimes trails off or stops in mid sentence to change subjects for no reason. Talks to herself frequently, or lists things off in almost bullet point format with facts. Repeats details and key words to remember. Sometimes talks in bullet point format when she's talking to herself.
Unique phrases/words: "You really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. You never know what will be under that hard and cold exterior."
Do they curse, and if so, to what extent? Yes, a lot.
Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say: "Motherfucking son of a shit." "What? No, no, no, no, and no." "I swear to the god I don't believe in..." "Hah! Wait, what?" "Who you calling little, you little shit!" "Hello my little Olive! Have you been a good mechanical puppy today?" "What? I mean, I guess we could do that. Maybe.....possibly..." "...awww fuck."
Voice: Light and soft but can also sound assertive without meaning to. Yet when she's pissed or threatened she can sound incredibly cold and venomous.
Describe their laugh: More like a snicker or giggle. When she finds something is really funny she'll go into a fit of laughter and have to lean over or clutch herself/hide her face to stop.
Describe their sleep patterns: Tends to get barely any sleep which adds to her attitude a lot.
Describe their dwelling/house: Lives in a house she resorted next to Uncle Roe in the Canterbury Commons. Pre war furniture, full bathroom, basement which is her workshop or office, kitchen and upstairs which is basically just her room. Blueprints, wall hangings, maps, plans and pictures scatter the walls and tabletops, along with nic knacks and collectibles.
Describe their bedroom: Consists of a queen sized bed which sits in the corner of her room, dresser, desk and closet. Fairly small. Walls are covered, as expected.
Describe their daily rituals: Wake up, curl back into place and sleep more, get kicked by Oliver, push him out of bed just to be woken up by him ten minutes later, get up and go eat, shower, dressed, feed the dog, start daily rounds of the Commons.

Psychological/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Intelligence Level: Very high, sometimes called a genius
Known Languages: English, some Dead Horse, German
Character's long-term goals/desires in life: Eventually open further and extended trade for the Commons and the wastes, also get more residents after she improves and restores the buildings there. Eventually finding her home and parents again
Character's short-term goals/desires in life: Finding enough parts for Oliver's leg that will last a few years, convince Tara to stop traveling and live with her, find her long last friends/lover, making it back home to Michigan.
Secret desires: Finding someone to spend her life with
How self-confident is the character? Fairly confident in basically everything unless it has to do with love and emotions, which she will act a little distant and cold at first with them.
How do they see herself? "an idiot", over thinker, over analyzer and overall just over the top everything. She wishes she could be a little more calm yet knows that's impossible. But other than that she's confident n her intellect and her being.
How do they believe she is perceived by others? Most likely weak or gullible based off appearance, but when they are around her enough they'll see how intelligent she once they look past her attitude.
What is the character most proud of? The leg she self constructed for her dog Oliver, and pipboy she made herself, how much she has fixed up the commons
What does the character like least about themselves? How easily she can trust people who put up a front, lack of sleep and loneliness she feels a lot, sometimes is a little gullible
How do they express themselves? Verbally, she tries to not lash out, although her words can be harsh at times. Sometimes in rare occasions when she doesn't want to share her thoughts, she'll keep quiet and stay in her thoughts, making the other person ask what she's thinking instead of her doing it herself.
Is this character generally dominant or submissive? She tends to be both, fading in and out of each if she trusts the person. In any sort of combat related situation, she'll take the floor without planning or anyone deciding it. But tends to want to control the situation all the time.
Patience level: Pretty high, the only things that will test her patience would be if a said person has been on her nerves for a while, then she can easily tick.
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Most defiantly logic in everyday situations, but once it has something to do with someone she cares about her emotions and heart take over.
Most at ease when: Outside, at home, around her dog Oliver
Ill at ease when: Near large fires, water and metro ways.
Describe their sense of humor: Very dry, dark and sarcastic. Can make a joke basically about everything. Sometimes people aren't sure when she's being serious or not.
If granted one wish, what would it be? To be back home and with her family once again
Why? Not knowing their locations pains her. She wants things to be the same as they once were.
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Silver tongue, quick thinker, technical genius, friendly, can read people's emotions easily, approachable in appearance, mentally/emotionally strong and can eventually push through hardships, a good friend and can keep secrets, understanding and overall a comforting person
Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Bad memory, quick to trust yet even if she does she keeps her past and certain things to herself, thinks too much/over thinks things, cares about others more than herself and often pays for it, greatly afraid of large fires, water and energy weapons(well, more or so is uneasy around them), sometimes can be a little clingy or distant due to always being unsure of what she wants in a relationship or friendship
If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be? Kindness
If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be? Envy
Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): Trusts too easily and can be taken advantage of, a few personal things that others possibly know can be used against her that will majorly hurt her
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist
Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert(usually)
Greatest Fear: Uncontrollable fires, being left behind/forgotten/used, losing ones close to her, finding out her parents are dead,
Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias: Large flames, being out in open water, energy weapons, heights
Emotional/psychological/social peculiarities: Has a trait that runs in her family which makes her extremely excitable and spontaneous at times, making her overall judgment and reactions a little off or odd.
Biggest regret: Never returning home or finding her parents
Other regrets: Not being able to help Oliver from the Yao Guai attack
Musical talents/instruments: Can't exactly play any instruments, but she can sing fairly well, yet never does so around people. She usually hides it and sings when she's alone
Character's darkest/deepest secret: I suppose her burn scar and past. She's never told anyone what really happened to her hometown or parents, often saying "she has no family" instead of saying she doesn't know where they are.
Minor Secrets: Her phobias and past, people she once associated with, and the origins of her scars.


Likes: Anything tech related, the color red, violin music, pre-war culture and items, animals, nic knacks and decorations, mountains and scenery, snowy areas, being around people and those she loves, music in general, singing, being around people and in cities, the cold/cold weather in general, light rain
Dislikes: Spicy foods, energy weapons, big guns, Deathclaws, Bloatflys, feral ghouls, when people aren't honest or straightforward with her, raiders, slavers, users/abusers, chem addicts, violence, rude/arrogant/irrational people, having to make quick decisions, bargaining, having to repeat or explain herself twice over, hot weather,
Color: Red
Clothing: Anything tightly fitting/not baggy
Place: Her home she grew up in and the one she lives in now, Zion, far up north, Canterbury Commons and Megaton
Room in the house and why: Her bedroom because it's the most comfortable and calm room in her house, and has a calming vibe to it
Food/drinks: Nuka-Cola and sugarbombs
Music genre: Rockabilly, blues, classic rock
Songs and Singers/Bands: Johnny Cash, Elvis, CCR
Book(s): Back to the Wild
Historical figure: Annie Oakley
Subject in school: She was never in school but loves History
Animal: Canines, even the irradiated ones
Least Favorite
Clothing: Anything loose or super baggy on her, heavy, metal armor or fancy attire
Place: Directly south of the Grisly diner where Oliver lost his leg
Food: Mirelurk meat or anything spicy
Music genre: Country
Subject in school: Never went to school but hates Biology
Simple Pleasures: Lying around and listening to music, simple acts of kindness from other people, finding parts for machines or just random items she's been wanting in the wastes, good weather, people remembering little things she has said and generally the little things in life
Greater Pleasures: Getting good sleep! Finally finishing projects she's been working on
Where does this character like to hang out? In the commons, Megaton, Underworld and the GNR building
Where is this character's dream place to live? Back in Detroit at her original home
What sorts of books are most likely to be found on their shelves? Encyclopedias on Science, Medical things, Technology and then random books of different genres, then journals she's written herself full of various information
Mode of transportation: Walking
Most prized possession: Both bandanna's she wears + the extra green ones she'll switch out for the red ones
Why? The one that's wrapped around her neck was the matching bandanna that belonged her best friend and first crush, Parker. He was believed to have died in the fire. When Tara and Layla were escaping the town Layla spotted it caught on a piece of metal the jutted out from a wreckage, a few spots of blood were around the area. She took it before they fled. The one she wears on her arm has no importance, yet she made the color match the one that belonged to Parker. The green one she occasionally wears around her neck is heavily stained and faded, which belonged to Tara. Tara used it to bandage Layla's burn. They aren't exactly that important, but are the only pieces of anything that remind her of her home and parents.

Emotional Characteristics

Describe character's sense of morals: Believes there is good in people/the world and everyone is capable of making up for their mistakes. Tries to help others whenever she can and thinks everyone should. Considers her friends as close as her family, and will do anything to protect those she cares about, and will always try to stay on a good path in life
Describe character's sense of self-control: Fairly high, she can't be pulled into something or give in easily, she's too stubborn and bull-headed
Spontaneous or structured? Usually spontaneous
Instinctual or logical? Logical, but in the heat of the moment or battle will rely on her instincts
How does this character act in public? Same as she would at home, she doesn't care how other's perceive her
How does this character act in privacy? The same, pretty much. Although when she's alone she talks to herself a lot, especially speaking what's on her mind to her dog, sometimes does weird or odd things when bored
How does this character act around strangers vs. how they act around friends? The same as each, but close friends hear all of the details going on in her head
How does this character act around family? The same around friends
How has this character most changed from youth? A lot more social and outgoing. She used to be super quiet and shy, not really wanting to ask for anything or bother anyone about anything. She also used to be a little timid and scared of things.
How have they remained the same? The only thing that's the same is her interests
Has this character dealt with the loss of someone they knew? Yes
If so, who? Most of the townsfolk back in The Hills and her best friend Parker(believed to be dead), and being abandoned by someone she once loved(thought to have been abandoned, that is)
How has it affected them? Made her afraid of losing people or being abandoned. Lose also made her stronger and less timid, wanting to be able to protect those now. (since she wasn't able to before.)

How does this character deal with or react to-

Conflict/Danger: Calm and dominate of the situation, often wanting to be the one to come up with a plan to fix things. She takes charge in a heartbeat and orders those around.
Rejection: Not well, since she's afraid of being abandoned. It will eat at her for a long time.
Fear: She tries to hide it, yet it comes out in nervous bits of rambling, mumbling or her holding or tugging at her bandanna. She also fiddles with her bangs when nervous or scared
Change: Normally, it doesn't really bother her much unless it has something to do with the people around her
Loss: Very, very, very, badly. This is something she never wants to deal with again. It will make her either physically sick, or mentally unable to function for days.
Sex/Flirting: Very shy and unsure at first, often gets embarrassed and turns away and flat out rejects the person. Yet when she does them more with said person she becomes more confident and sure of herself. But then again, when she wants someone, she'll lose any unsure feelings and her shyness and just do whatever she wants.
Pain: She'll be vocal about it but won't stop in her tracks to mope around
Stress: Stress makes her insomnia kick in, thus making her more stressed, or cause her frequent migraines
Peer pressure: Doesn't affect her. She's pretty stubborn
Guilt: Will often apologize to the one she wronged about what she is guilty about. Guilt also eats away at her
Being wrong: Fine, she'll fix her mistakes or apologize
Being criticized: She will simply question where she is wrong
Being insulted: Will insult back ten fold in a sarcastic way
Offending others: First will use her words to jab/irritate/intimidate others, often will have Oliver bark at or lunge at enemies, brings out her rifle in hand and undoes the safety, resting it against her shoulder and often points it their way.
Praise: Loves it, will either smile or laugh, take it to heart but vocally as a joke
Being loved: Unsure and nervous at first, someone loving her actually scares her to death, but she generally will be very affectionate
Being hated: Doesn't like it. She doesn't really want to have any enemies whatsoever
Humiliation: Brush it off and the person too

How does this character express?

Anger: Is very vocal, will raise her voice to a full on yell but somehow manages to speak "rationally"
Sadness: Will be very quiet and distant, if at home will hind in her room under the covers
Fear: Hides it even though it's very, very obvious that she's scared if you know her habits
Happiness/Excitement: Very expressive, smiles widely, laughs, either skips when she walks or sings what she says in a joking like way
Love: Somewhat distant and cold in the beginning but eventually grows on the person and becomes closer and closer to them slowly with each day
Lust: Sends little hints that she's interested in them but usually don't pursue people
Stress/anxiety: Badly and will lose sleep over it, sometimes makes her lose her appetite and outgoing behavior
Dislike: Will be honest and voice her disapproval
Approval: Same as above
How does this character generally express themselves? Verbally

What does this character think/feel about-

Marriage: She doesn't care if people get married, that's their choice. In her mind she thinks it's pointless because people always change their minds so easily. The only way she'd even get married is if she was 100% sure this person was right for her, but come on, it's the wastes. Those chances are slim
Children: Doesn't want any at all, or at least not for a long time. rather adopt
Family/Family Values: Thinks family is one of the most important things in life and the key for humanity to redeem itself
Children/Youth: Gets along with younger kids, especially likes and gets along with toddlers and younger kids although isn't too fond of pre-teens
Old age: Rather not die too old, she doesn't think she'll be able to work if she's too old
Sex: Indifferent I suppose, it's not really important to her
Love: She's put off and actually really afraid of it. Due to her fear of losing people, she tries to never get too close to people like that, usually only having platonic love for people
Friendship/Other relationships: Treats them like they're her own blood
Homosexuality: Is fine with it, doesn't really understand why people get offended by what two people are into. If it doesn't have to do with her it doesn't concern her
The opposite sex: Fine
The same sex: Fine
Money/Material things: Not too important to her. Family and emotions/memories mean more to her.
Religion: Thinks it's pointless to follow but doesn't care if anyone else believes in something, as long as they don't bother others with it
Racism/Races in general: Thinks it's pointless to hate people just by what race they are. She accepts all, human, ghoul, mutant and everything that could possibly be in between
Nature/Animals: Loves nature, and even city landscapes. She thinks beauty can be found everywhere
Their past: Tries to never think/talk about it, it upsets and pains her to no end
Their future: Looks forward to it and the possibility of accomplishing the things she wants in life
Drugs and alcohol: Stays away from chems, sometimes in a great while she'll drink
Killing/Murder: Indifferent, sine sometimes she can be violent to get her point across. Killing is another story though, and she doesn't really enjoy doing it
Education: Thinks it's a vital aspect in people's lives and should be taken seriously

Relationships with Others (Non-Married)

Relationship Skills: Fairly well, she can speak well and basically always knows what to say. Very logical and great at advice and typically gets along with everyone. Also very social and friendly so she makes a lot of friends very easily
Lusts: Generally none. She doesn't really want a person for that reason, other than Vance WHICH IS VERY COMPLEX AND WEIRD TO EXPLAIN so don't ask and Colton, even though she dislikes him as well. It's odd and embarrassing her to even think about
Crushes: Parker, Zaeed, Wolfgang, Charon, Gob, Timebomb (first two are permanent, last were short lived)
Girlfriend/Boyfriend(s): None as of now
Marital status: Single
First crush: On her friend Parker
Did it last? No
Why or why not? She thinks he died!
Best Friends: Parker, Wolfgang, Zaeed,

Friends: Gob, Machete, Roe, Timebomb, Red, Kimba, Porter, Dominic, Three Dog, Harkness,
Confident/Mentor: Tara and her father
Hates: Generally no one, other than raiders or slavers
Dislikes: Colton Ito, Bittercup, Moriarty, Jericho, Mr. Burke, Dukov, Vance,
Rivals: Vance and the Ant-Agonizer
Pets: Oliver
What kind of person would she consider to be the perfect partner? One who she clicks with well and feels comfortable around. Someone who is there for her always and deals with her downs when she needs to be cheered up. Possibly shares some interests too and understand her feelings with--well--feelings
Is the character judgmental of others and how so? Not at all, she accepts anyone who is willing to be prove themselves

How is she perceived by...

Strangers? A little odd and different, seeing she treats them indifferently usually
Friends? Ultra excitable and friendly, dependable and good to talk to when need help or defended. Will always have your back as long as you have hers
Coworker/Colleague? Somewhat crazy and eccentric, and sometimes unpredictable with she wants to try.
Lovers? As expected, cold and distant at first. Possibility uninterested in them as well. But after a few months pas she becomes closer, loving and more open to them. If they are patient with her, they'll learn how she can actually be.
Describe their sense of trust A little too easily given, but won't ~fully~ trust you for good. You know she fully trusts you when she willingly shows you her scar and explains her past to you instead of avoiding the question, but until then it can be considered a front of trust
What type of individuals does she like or associate with? Basically anyone who's not an asshole, she gets along with all kinds of people but generally loves being around other scientists and mechanics, people who are easygoing and outgoing/easy to talk to
What type of individuals doesn't she like or associate with? She generally gets along with everyone who isn't bad, so typically anyone who is friendly enough to her.
How do they treat members of the opposite sex? Better, most girls annoy her
How do they treat members of the same sex? Normal
What do family/friends like most about character? Her overall caring, concern and love she shows them.
What do family/friends like least about character? Her lack of care for herself, and how she puts other in front of herself waaaay too much.
Do they know anyone who's died, and if so who and how were they affected? She thinks her first friend and crush is dead

Sex/Romantic Life

What do they consider to be a romantic setting/activity/date? Sitting under the Wasteland night sky/listening to old music, sniping things or just going up in high(but not toooo high) places to look over the Wasteland.
What did they do on their first date? Sniped a few raiders from up on the catwalk in Megaton
How does a normal date go for this character? It's not a typical 'date' since she doesn't like lovey dovey, cutesy dates. It's basically just a normal day but a mixture of everything she likes including the person she likes too.
How would they like to propose or be proposed to? She really doesn't want to get married ever, but if she did she'd want it done casually and not over the top.
Virgin? Appears to be but really isn't
Describe her sex life: Does so whenever the opportunity comes and if she likes the person enough, which is rare, but she doesn't care
How often does this character have sex? ^
How long can she go without sex? A looooong ass time since it's not really that important to her
How does this character feel emotionally, after sex? A little confused/distant/cold or even really affectionate and caring. Depends on who it is
Does this character have self control around individuals of their sexual desire? Describe: Yes, unless she really, really, reeeeally likes them and is in the mood, then she'll majorly hint at it until they're between the sheets.
Does sex play an important role in their relationships, if so, how? Nope
Turn-ons: Good and likable personalities, light colored eyes, taller men, toughness, skilled in combat, thinness, dark sounding voice(lol)
Turn-offs: Extreme gentleness or extreme roughness, being called babe or baby, people who brag about how "good" they are in bed, people who over compliment her, the word "love" if she's not ready to say it back, being ordered or pushed into doing things while messing around or in general
Fetishes/Fantasies: Generally anything with restraints or anything rough
Sexual peculiarities: Likes to hold eye contact with the person a lot
Sexual perks: Flexibility and endurance
Sexual flaws: Will either be too nervous or shy to try anything or too over confident and will try something not wanted (lol)
Usually on the top or bottom? Probably the same with both ways
Dominant or Submissive? Surprisingly very dominant, yet can be equally submissive too
Describe their first sexual experience: Not exactly planned. Both were just greatly wounded and were camping out in an abandoned gas station out west, both ready to head to bed until something happened that triggered them form not holding back anymore. All I will say that it was loud, rough, and kinky.
At what age? 20
Was it planned/originally intended? Not really, it just, sorta happened lol
Was it consensual? Yes
How did they feel emotionally, afterwards? Really weird and still shy towards the person, somewhat distant. After they left she became hysterical and started to miss them greatly.
How has this affected the character, if substantially at all? Afterwards she sort of had a small place in her heart for him, and still thinks about him to this day.
Possible psychological reasons for their sexual fantasies or behavior: There's no real reasons behind it, she just is the way she is.

Spiritual Characteristics

Religion: Agnostic
Does the character believe in a god or goddess? No
What are the character's spiritual beliefs? Lives more by a moral code other than spiritual beliefs
Is religion or spirituality an important part of this character's life? No
Superstitions: Believes in karma, but that's about it
Astrological Zodiac: Virgo
Element: Earth


What song best fits this character?
If you could compare this character to an existing character, who would she be and why? Taiga Aisaka. They are pretty similar.
If you could choose an actress for this character, who would it be? Beatrice Martin
If you could choose a voice actress for this character, who would it be?. Either Cassandra Lee Morris (voice Taiga Aisaka in English(girl with wings)) or Jessie Flower (Toph Bei Fong). They sound generally the same.

Who/what was your character inspired by? I honestly just thought her up one day about two or so years ago. So no one, really. I guess Beatrice's image because she's amazing lol idk man. Yet she's been changed, tweaked and altered so many times, it's hard to say who she's based off of.

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