Ruby Ref Picture

WOoooo! I did it, here is Ruby's ref.... oh yea... it's not full body... well uh.. ILL DO A FULLBODY LATER OK IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE FULL BODY BUT I DREW IT TO BIG AND THEN FELL IN LOVE WITH THE WAY SHE LOOKS OK!? X3 ANyway this is for the Pawplayer Server. :3 (Essentially Ruby in a human form.)

-Ruby has pointed ears that are almost always hidden by her hair.
-She has a longish neck, and has a pearl on her neck.
-She has long, sharp nails that you can find her usually tapping with out of habit.
-Ruby is often found lost in thought or playing with fire. Literally. Pyromaniac much?
-Ruby has orange eyes and sharp pupils, but what is more intriguing is the fact that the whites of her eyes are yellow.
-Ruby loves fire and any place hot. Put her in the cold or water and she'll get grumpy or in extreme cases sick. (Unlike Sanity who is prone to sickness, Ruby has a resistance to most temperatures due to that she's a dragon. In dragon form she has scales. Transfer that over to a human form and you got some tough-ass skin there. X3)
-She is a Fire Dragon and sticks seemingly to the South on the compass. [[ Fire Dragon info warning Text Wall ahead == The element of Fire governs the southern quarter of the circle. Its dragon ruler is Fafnir, who oversees the dragons of Fire and the sunbeams. Its color is pure red; it is considered warm and dry. The positive associations of Fire are: noon, summer, the [sun], blood, enthusiasm, activity, change, passion, courage, daring, will power, leadership. Negative associations are: hate, jealousy, fear, anger, war, ego, conflicts, lightning. Subspecies of the Fire-element dragon family are those of fire and volcanoes. The subspecies of desert and arid-region dragons, and those of chaos and destruction, often work closely with draconic entities of this element. Dragons of Fire and Volcanoes. Fire dragons are all shades of reds, oranges, and deep yellows. They have thick, heavy bodies and long snakelike necks and tails. Some of them sleep in dormant volcanoes for long periods of time before they once again become active. These dragons are also visible in forest fires and large structure blazes. They are very unpredictable, unreliable, and difficult to work with. If not properly handled, and then only within a cast and sealed circle, fire dragons will do as they please with a magician's spell. They will achieve the asked-for end result, but may "burn" their way through everything to get there. Dragons of Fire and Volcanoes help with personal purification on all levels of being, energy, courage, stamina to pursue goals and finish projects, remove obstacles and barriers. Be very certain you want their help in the barrier-removal, for these dragons will go through and over anything and anyone to achieve the goal. The results can be swift and difficult to handle emotionally. ]]
-She is an Agathodemon and has yet to truly find out who or what she is to guard. [[ Agathodemon info warning Text Wall ahead == Agathodemons are guardians found in the mythologies of Greece and Rome. Some count them as spirits while others regard them as supernatural entities.
Agathodemons take the form of winged serpents. As guardians, they hover above the protected individual, sometimes invisible. The Agathodemons bring luck to the protected person's household and family. Some Agathodemons guard the physical home and those that live there. In such an abode, those that reside in the home would provide an offering of wine for the guardian. Many of the later accounts of Agathodemons consider them as spirits instead of physical entities. ]]
-She is also a Western Dragon. (So a Western Dragon, Agathodemon hybrid.) [[ Western Dragon info warning Text Wall ahead == Western Dragons have four thick, powerful legs and claws with the talons of an eagle. A Western Dragon has scales covering its body, similar to those of a crocodile, with a barbed, serpentine tail. Their wings are membranous, like those of a bat. The heads of Western Dragons are large and wedge-shaped like that of a crocodile or monitor lizard with a crest, horns, or antlers. They have huge fangs and possess particularly noxious poison; in some cases, Western Dragons exhale deadly fumes or even fire. ]]
-She is a Red Dragon and despite having a temper, she's more lost than anything. [[ Red Dragon info warning Text Wall ahead == Red dragons are notoriously passionate with a short fuse, tending towards ill-tempered. A red dragon is imbued with considerable prowess in battle. As a guardian, the red dragon is formidable. Red Eastern dragons symbolized autumn and the west. They cause storms when they battle in the sky. ]]

ALSO. PLEASE HELP ME COME UP WITH SOME BACKSTORY IDEAS FOR WTF SHES IN THE SERVER, WTF SHES HUMAN, AND WTF (if you haven't gotten it this means Why The Fuck. not What the fuck.... wait no this last one is What The Fuck...) SIDE SHE IS ON!!!! >.<* I suck at backstories. X3
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