Vampires in a Rumic World Picture

Something that kept coming back to my own mind after a friend brought this up is would Vampires from Western Cultures have a place in one of Rumiko Takahashi's worlds? The one thing I am sure any fan has seen is that Rumiko Takahashi does base most her mangas heavily after Japanese Mythology as seen in her works of Usurai Yatsura, InuYasha and her current one Rin-ne. That is what makes her work so enjoyable and I am sure it gets you interested in the Japanese Mythology as well. But the one thing you need to also remember too is that yeah, she does base it off Japanese Mythology because that is her culture but she does seem to embrace other cultures into her work and other religions as well as shown in Ranma 1/2 when she has one of Ranma's female suitors (the annoying) Kodachi Kuno go to a catholic school in both the manga and the anime. Another good example is also shown in the manga when a female character known as Rouge is introduced and it's discovered that she fell into the cursed spring of Ashiuruonichuan, the Spring of drowned Asura, which is a Hindu demon/god said to be extremely powerful so that is proof right there and she has also used other as well such as French culture when she introduces the French Style of Dining Martial Art also found in Ranma 1/2 in both manga and anime. So I think this just shows that she keeps herself open to other areas of other cultures as well also in her latest manga series Rin-ne she uses a cross in one of her chapters as well once again showing that she is staying true to the culture and mytholgoy of her own country but still mixes thing in from western cultures too.

So do I think that she might introduce Vampires (of western folklore) into one of her universes or an entirely diffenet Rumic Universe? My answer to that is...Yes. But as I stated the only one I can see this happening in is the InuYasha universe only because it has a more darker theme than any of her other Rumic worlds and would indeed be the perfect setting for Vampires to appear.

But that would really be up to her but I (think) can see her doing something like this in a manga series maybe even one where she does a combo of both Eastern and Western Folklore into one new Rumic Universe. This way is not breaking her ways of having Japanese or other Asian folklore into her story as well as having western folklore in there too. One type of vampire "race" I can see her having in a manga would indeed be the one known as the "Chinese Hopping Vampire" aka "Jiangshi":….

Although vampiric entities have been recorded in most cultures, the term vampire was not popularised until the early 18th century.

Vampires have also been in Asian culture, in Japanese culture they might be considered yokais and although vampires have appeared in Japanese cinema since the late 1950s, the folklore behind it is western in origin. However, the yokai known as Nukekubi is a being whose head and neck detach from its body to fly about seeking human prey at night. There's also the Kitsune who are spiritual vampires that need life force to survive and use magic. As such, they acquire it from making love with humans.

But now once again this would be entirely up to her and also on how she would decide make the vampires act or even appear (physical wise) in her story. Would she make them "daywalkers"? I don't know nor do I know if she would make them just drink human blood or let them have a variety of other choices such as animal or maybe even yokai blood. The one thing I can seriously see her not doing to them is making them sparkle as she is a more talented writer with alot more creativity than some who have no right to be famous, I won't name names *coughs Stephanie Meyer coughs*

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