The Fey Enchantress Picture

A figure of awe and inspiration, the Fey Enchantress is the personal representative of The Lady Of The Lake, and as such is the most influential figure in all of Bretonnia. Her will is that of the goddess, and even kings of Bretonnia must bow to her wise council. The Grail Knights, having sworn their lives to the goddess, are bound by their sacred oaths to respond to any call or decree of the Fey Enchantress. Their vows ensure that this duty is paramount, coming even before loyalties to duke and king, for the Fey Enchantress and The Lady represent the land of Bretonnia more so than any mortal ever could. At times when the king has no clear heir, the Fey Enchantress alone has the power to instate a worthy replacement.

Existing outside the usual hierarchy of power within Bretonnia, She comes and goes as she pleases, guided by the will of The Lady of the Lake. It has also been known for her to appear to Questing Knights, guiding them on their final journey to the Lady. As she travels the lands, slipping mysteriously between the sacred groves, she gathers to her side young children - children that have intense, latent power within the that is hidden to all but herself. These chosen youngsters are taken by the Fey Enchantress to a place beyond time and mortality, to the mysterious Otherworld. The girl-children occasionally return years later as Damsels of The Lady, blessed in spirit and heart. Of the male children, nothing is ever heard again.

She will sometimes ride along side Bretonnia's army, lending her unearthly powers towards the protection of those fighting in the name of The Lady. Her legendary fury is greatly feared, and her piercing eyes crackle with power, inspiring terror and awe in friend and foe alike. She ahs been known to draw lightning from the skies to strike her enemies, and slay with but a single glance.
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