Bandwagon Awaaaaaaay Picture

My brain has been very spare with inspiration with me lately, thus I went looking after all the things that do inspire me... then this meme came up... so what the heck... *Runs ten miles behind the bandwagon*

1. Myself. Durr hurr. The only pic of myself I actually like, and it was taken with my Mac's webam.
2. Wings, feathers, Angels in general. I dunno, I guess I've always loved the idea of wings.
3. Music. This is a BIG one. And I tend to listen to Movie and game soundtracks far more than normal mainstream stuff. No I am not a hipster.
4. Other Cultures. Not just Japanese, but the aesthetic of a whole bunch of far off places. That simple symbols and colours can explain whole cultures fascinates me.
5. Stupidly Fancy Clothes. Usually from history, when they put more effort into it than the mass produced stuff today. I love detailed clothes.
6. Monsters. ILU my horrible beasties form beyond the veil of time and space~
7. Manry Torsos. =w= I love the curve of a well built bod... it's really fun to draw.
8. Curly hair. I don't know what it is, but I find it incredibly fun drawing people with elaborate or curly, wavy hair...
9. Teeth, claws and bones... I love anything skeletal. The bare bones. Literally.
10. Dem Books. Sometimes it can be a sentence in a story... or even an idea set down in another artbook. Those are great starting points.
11. Good old fashioned fantasy. Be that D&D, LoTR or whatever.
12. Mythology! I love all those old tales. The greek and Norse myths being among my favorites.
13. ~Oh-Mrs-O Katie... just gabbing away to her for hours brings ideas flooding into my skull.
14. *SephirothBeatrix / ~CelestialSpear Ah Sorcha... still the best at expressions and spectacular canon fuckery... XD
15. Tetsuya Nomura. I don't know what it is... but my style naturally falls close to his without me consciously doing so.
16. RPing. The pen and pencil/dice rolling kind. Be that D&D, Shadowrun or Crucible.
17. Languages. Spoken, or my personal fav, Sign Language.
18. Steampunk. A mixture of my love for fancy clothes and gears/clockwork/mechanical detail...
19. Space. It's not boring at all... it always raised the hairs on the back of my neck when i see things like this...
20. DISNEY! Was a Disney fangirl as a child, and that hasn't faded even now.
21. Fae. I love the sheer abstract batshit nature that they can go to in their tales. Yet they still have rules.
22. Pokemons. Huge part of my childhood, which has only expanded in recent years what with the new games.
23. Plushies. SO CUTE! And huggable... don't forget that...
24. The Colour Red. My favorite colour.
25. Tribal Linework. I adore this stuff. Wether it's tattoos, or brands or just symbols.
26. Late 80's/90's films. Especially Arnie films. The big lunk can't act for beans, but I love them all.
27. Hiimdaisy. Stumbled across her work in a rather roundabout way... but I have split my sides laughing at anything she's done.
28. Doggies. Especially cuties, like my own little Holly. Whom I dub Fuzzybutt.
29. Colours. Colours everywhere. Sometimes I just crave to throw them on a canvas.
30. Studio Ghibli. Wonderful, imaginative films. Still some of my favs in there.
31. Dinosaurs! ... Most girls of 7 like barbies and pink. I liked Dinosaurs and dragons. They bit the barbies heads off. Much more fun.
32. Kingdom Hearts. My first introduction to JRPGs. And I haven't looked back since.
33. Piggies. Among my fav animals. I don't know what it is. I just find little piggies adorable.
34. Masks. Another big one. I adore them, in every shape and form.
35. Psychology. Mind-fuckery. I'm just fascinated by how the mind itself works and how it makes sense of things.
36. Nature Pictures. You don't need your imagination sometimes. nature often hands it to you on a platter.

Phew... thats a lot of typing...
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