Freya portrait Picture

I'm mad that this didn't scan better >(

Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster stuff.

Here is a portrait of Freya, from my book. Freya turned her hall into a Ginza bar which she runs as its Mama.

Everyone else's pics of Freya were so epic, I was exceedingly jealous! So I wanted to draw a proper pic of her.

I was messing around with the tone adjustment and ended up with this. Ir kinda looks like charcoal on parchment or something, so I thought.. okay then.

I want to colour it.. I'm scared of wrecking it though :-:

I embellished her costume a little... I added a pattern to the chopstick decorations in her hair and she finally has a proper geisha-type flower ornament thing. Believe it or not, it was meant to look something like that in the first place. If people carry on drawing her with the little cascading flowers though(or whatever) I don't mind. Ginza Mamas aren't really meant to wear those things anyway, I don't think... ha ha, research. o.o

Freya/ Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster (c) Alicia L. Wright(me) and Tannbourne Ltd.
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