Ducky and Morag Picture

Medical Examiner Donald 'Ducky' Mallard & his daemon Morag (f).

The idea of fusioning Phillip Pullman's daemon concept with the great characters of the NCIS MCRT comes from a story from Xanthe: "Soul Deep".

I agree wholeheartedly with the choice of each animal, and their names, of course.


(16.10.2011) I did a little research on the web and fused some of the description of the personality traits attributed to NCIS’ daemons. The funniest part is that I haven’t truly invented anything. Their daemons Xanthe chose do truly fit them like a glove, so I thought I’d share.

Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard

(Owl (female) daemon named Morag)

“Owl daemons are assocaitated with people, men and women, that are extraordinarily perceptive. Usually they are associated with people born with a certain status, intelligence and education. Wise, intelligent, mysterious and secretive, owl people are highly respected. They have a keen eye and easily extract secrets; notice the subtle changes in other people or around them and see and hear what others try to hide. They know other people well without being very well known at all. This annoys people because they can't deceive them; and they know they detect and pinpoint the subtleties in their meaning easily. They are flexible and non-judjemental. They see the darkness in others, but also past that and to the good thet exists in everyone. There is perspicacity about their wisdom that endears them to others, and their actions are slow and smooth. They have a charming personality and a benign nature, they are always truthful and patient. They easily work in cooperation with others, helpful just by doing what comes naturally; inventive opportunist, they are adaptable. They tend to be at opportune places at opportune times; courageous and playful. They are very decisive, and know how to achieve what they want, easily finding what they're after. They can easily make the exercise of eliminating the aspects of their life that are unbeneficial or unhealthy. They keep (metaphorically) silent and go about their business unthreateningly. They never mind living alone and only date those they truly trust. They are many times described as most unique but generally speaking they are harmless. They are swift of action when needs must and the emobodiement of freedom. Althout they are not fearsome, they have little fears, and instead are versatile and curious and confident that their abilities are matchless. Contradictorely they can be most ferocious and successful in their pursuits sometimes. They don't hesitate to snatch what's presented and evoke a bit feeling of awe in some.They attack life with a fervor at aren’t good at sharing. Able to sit and wait; they conserve their energy and go into action when opportunity presents itself. Continually observant; can instinctively tell when something dreadful is approaching, and try to avoid it. They do not proclaim their presence, and are not attention-seeking. They accomplish tasks with timing and skill, not intimidation; their strength is gentle. Non-threatening but powerful, they can be a comforting or eery presence, depending or whom you ask. They are also notoriously detached and guard their intimacy jealously. For all their qualities and the healing gentleness of their presence they are often found in the medical profession or someting in those lines. For hystorical and mythological reasons most owl daemons are associated with death and looking into the spiritual, which is usually erroneously associated with them being people of great faith.”

*Note: female daemons are most common amongst men, while male daemons are most often found amongst women. The fact that human and daemon are almost invariably of opposite genders has no accepted explanation. They can be the same gender too, and this is often assocaited with homosexuality, and even though it is the most usual and immediately identifiable cause for this kind of unusual arrangement human-daemon it is not the only one. There are known cases that do not adjust to that simplistic explanation. It is thought that the gender of a daemon reflects a person’s needs. For example, a male human who is mostly in male company, and is masculine, would most likely have a female daemon to give him a feminine input he needs and will have difficulty finding. Conversely, a female human who is mostly in male company, maybe considered a tomboy, could possibly develop a daemon of the same gender to reflect her more masculine nature. But none of this would have to do with sexuality. Even so there is no proof as to why daemons take a specific gender and the reasons for that are usually determined individually.
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