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So I joined the bandwagon. This was actually an effective de-stressor until I realized how much time I wasted on it. O_O But I figured it would help me get back on track if I looked back at the major inspirations and influences that got me going in the first place.

So left-right, top-bottom:

Okay, I swear if you don't know who this man is then you have been living a jaded existence. Tim Burton is like the guy I want to "grow up to be". I love everything he comes up with, the characters, the creatures, the stories. I only hope to be half the creative genius he is someday.

Me and art have been going through an on-again-off-again relationship for the past seventeen years and during one of my bouts of self-loathing I discovered Michael Kutsche (even BEFORE Alice) and at first it kinda made me even more depressed but I followed like true obsessed fan would and whilst browsing the good man's website, lo and behold, I discovered that he was a self-taught artist. Talk about inspirational. He was the one who made me realize that even if I can't go to a fancy art school or anything, I can still make great art... someday.

Known more popularly as Endling to all ye here in Fella's dominion. What's more to say, man. Awesome stories told AWESOMELY. He's one of the influences who started it all. Made me dream up these crazy stories with hopes of one day making a graphic novel or something like that. (Still a dream.) I love how his pictures are so dynamic and exciting.

I thiiinnnnkkk... He was the one who started it all. I mean I used to draw when I was very young 'til like grade school then I just stopped. I discovered dA and then I discovered this guy. I remember staring hours at that very picture up there and looking at the lines>ink>colour progression. That was probably the first "tutorial" like thing I ever :studied". I was never a comic book person, my mom used to say it's too expensive a hobby to get into, but my dad and my uncle had all these old DC and Marvel stuff I really got into and for I while that was my dream job. XD I still really admire Brooks' mastery of the pencil. Someday...

Relatively new addition to my list of influences. She reminded me that there are still amazingly creative people out there. She inspired me to start imagining again.

Oh all the years I never knew of this master-- WASTED. I've actually been trying to dabble in Mucha inspired works but they're too horrible for your eyes.

The brilliant cover artist of the Fables series. I'm saving up for his book right now. (Starving for it in fact.) I can't really say much because honestly I find it hard to put beauty in to words. :>

Sigh. Yes. I went through that stage. Not that there's anything wrong with anime but I was total BS at it. XD And I'm ashamed to say that I only really watched little boy animes like Beyblade, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Shaman King (was my favorite).

And oh boy, was I a fan.

Yes, dragons! And all things mythological and fantastical and cryptozoological. But especially dragons. My sketchbooks were full of them. The margins of my notebooks were swarmed with them. Why? Because dragons are BOSS.

THE FIRST EVER THINGS I EVER DREW EVER. Unfortunately my animal drawing skills are still nonexistent.

and lastly CULTURES
These influence alot of my woks. Especially those in my head that you don't see yet.

woah. wall of text guys. I'll edit with links eventually. :>

Anyway, I think that effectively pushed away my artblock!
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