Cryptid 030A Goatman Picture

Cryptid 030A, Goatman

Location: Prince George's County, Maryland, United States

Type: Hairy Humanoid

Evidence: Sightings, animal multialations, property damage

Possible Population size: One

My thoughts and theories:
The story is a classic... A young couple on their second date, a drive-in double feature, a car that sputters to a halt on a lonely stretch of country road because the juvenile hot-rodder who managed to wrangle dad's keys "accidentally" forgot to fill the tank - two teenagers alone, surrounded by darkness (save, perhaps, the dim, bluish-green illumination provided by the dashboard clock). The windows start to fog as post-pubescent hormones rage in a cacophony of pre-nuptial bliss, and just as this duo's passion reaches a fever pitch... Yup, you guessed it...
Something moves in the shadows just beyond the breath-fogged windshield.
At this point the story can take any one of two dozen twists, depending on local legends, environment, and sobriety levels. From this moment on these young lovers are prone to encounter any number of classic boogeyman who might proceed to throw rocks, strike the hood of the car with alarming ferocity or attempt to force its way through a cracked window in an effort to do one or both of the youngsters bodily harm.
If the story just happens to take place in Prince George's County, then your most likely culprate is the Goatman.
The Goatman of Maryland is often associated with Governor’s Bridge Road, Lottsford Road and Fletchertown Road, in Prince George's County, and with the nearby Glenn Dale Hospitol; the former site of a state turberculosis sanitarium. It is reported to have attacked a number of witnesses and to have damaged property. It has also been reported to have killed family pets
Although there are multiple origin stories of how this twisted abomination came to be (Weather it be a throwback to the satyrs of Greek Mythology, a demon of some kind, or even a mad-lab experiment gone haywire) one thing is for certian, some one or some thing is causing a ruckis in a small county in Maryland.
Reports of the Goatman began in 1957, with sightings occurring in Upper Marlboro and Forestville, Prince George's County, Maryland.From there, sightings spread to other states; with reports of the Goatman being made as far south as Texas in the 1960s, Washington and California during the 1980s, and as far north as Ontario, Canada and Cannelton,Indiana during the 1990s. Alleged sightings have now been reported in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington,Colorado, and Wisconsin. The largest concentration of these sightings has been around Bowie, Maryland. Recently it has been rumored that there has been a sighting of the goatman in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Since the 1970s, the Goatman has become the subject of a number of popular urban myths in Maryland and beyond. Myths vary, but the Goatman preying on courting couples in a similar fashion to the Hook legend, or attacking cars parked at the side of the road, are both common themes. It has also become part of the urban legend of “Crybaby Bridge” (Governor’s Bridge Road, Prince George's County). Florida sightings are sometimes attributed to the Skunk ape, another Florida myth. Urban myths often put secret genetics programs forward as a possible source of the Goatman. Experiments by the federal government and the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Maryland, have both been suggested as possible Goatman origins. There is no evidence to support either.
The creature's appearence also varies. Some legends say it resembles a Satyr, with a humanoid uper-body and a lower-body of a goat; while other reports say it's more goat than man. Several reports say the creature even uses an axe to terrorize it's victoms.
Closing statement:
I belive that there are creatures haunting any "Lover's Lanes" . Weather they are hedious creatures, or simply an exadurated tales of impressionable teens that saw something else. It is hard to see at night, and that creature in the shadows may have just been a drunk frat-boy, a worried parent, or a friend playing a trick on you.
But on the flipside, why would other sane and sober individuals with nothing to gain report seeing something as off-the wall as a goat-like monster? Whatever these creatures are, there is one thing for sure... they're often mean, forever ugly, and almost always ruin the mood.
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