Dream Team Picture

A pitch of my dream team, main characters from a story I try to put on paper since some months. It's some kind of fantasy polar. The first story will probably with a werewolf ( or more I still think about that ), a part will be in London but we will move around outside London ( still thinking about if I totally create new places or take real places but change a little the places for fit with my story hehe )

You have Elizabeth, who was some kind of leader of team and who deal with polices, medias and things like that and she give the instruction to the team on the field too.

You have Tyler, an ex cop who have some strange abilities because he's some kind of 'joker' with paranormal things, he can communicate with ghosts, werewolves, everything and he learn some many different magics and differents things from different countries. I still don't know why ( we will not really know yet, but I try to know why so I try to found some explanation in legends and mythologies ).

You have Bradley, a strong guy, when we need some muscles for deal with some danger, he's here. He's a good guy, he's just ermmm strong.

And professor Bryan, the brain in the team of course, it's a funny mix because, well it's a man of science who deal with paranormal and things like that hehe.

Of course all of that it's a work in progress hehe.
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