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This is my fully colored take on what a tzitzimitl would look like in the Blue Exorcist universe. This would be the fully "out" form of the demon, as in, not trying to hide. This demon comes from Aztec mythology and was said to have the power to steal the light from the sun (causing solar eclipses), after which they would swoop down and start attacking people if not appeased by ritual sacrifice. They are also known as star demons for this reason.

On the plus side, they are protectors of women and their realm is said to be a paradise for women and children who die in childbirth, but they have a hunger for blood and flesh and are particularly violent towards men who resist their advances. According to legend, they can assume the forms of beautiful women and a variety of animal forms (mainly deer, but bats, butterflies, birds, and jaguars are also mentioned).


Tzitzimimi (plural of tzitzimitl, pronounced tsee-tsee-mee-mee/tsee-tsee-meet-ul) are the demonic spawn of the Demon Queen of Greed, Itzpapalotl, who was worshipped as a dark goddess by the Aztecs under the same name. Tzitzimimi are always female, and prefer the bodies of beautiful young women as vessels, though they will possess women of any age. Unlike other demons, the tzitzimitl is very cautious with the body of her vessel and treats it with great care. As such, when they fight, they fight strategically so as not to suffer more harm than necessary. They also tend to stay in groups--it is extremely rare to find one alone, and if one did, it would be best to assume that there were a number of them close by. On Assiah, they prefer to congregate in isolated areas, such as remote villages (that they can control) or slums/city outskirts where the missing will go unnoticed or uncared about. This demon has great trouble blending in if they do not control the population of an area (and set up a cult of some sort) as they require a steady supply of sacrifices and offerings of some type (varies by the group). Commonly they demand blood or even whole human sacrifices (but this has dissipated somewhat in the modern era as it's harder to get away with in most areas), but gold, food, or other material offerings may be demanded in addition to or instead of such grisly offerings. If they do demand human sacrifices they will only accept men or teenage boys--they see all women as potential vessels and keep them around for emergencies, and tend to avoid hurting children so as not to alienate their female supplicants. A lone tzitzimitl might be able to resist the need for such appeasement for a while, but eventually their greedy nature will reveal itself in some way.

The vessel of a tzitzimitl has all of the normal possessed human features (pointed ears, tired eyes, tail); in addition their hair takes on an iridescent sheen no matter the color and their skin hardens ever so slightly. Their tail operates a bit differently, however. It is more like a barb or stinger, and is somewhat stiff. They can retract most of it into their body when not "out" but it is still readily noticeable if they are not fully clothed (and in loose clothing at that). As such, they tend to favor dresses and skirts. When confronting an enemy, they typically summon any mortal allies they might have (especially if the enemy is "good" and unlikely to want to hurt humans) to distract and confuse. If this isn't effective, they will call forth great swarms of insects which will vary depending on where they are found (the insects will be something indigenous). If forced to fight herself, the tzitzimitl will transform into the form pictured above, covering her vessel with a hard exoskeleton that is impenetrable by conventional means (and difficult to penetrate using spiritual attacks as well). Their claws (on both feet and hands) are like scalpels and cut easily to the bone with minimal effort; their tail secretes a vile toxin that paralyzes and torments the victim but does not kill. A victim stung by a tzitzimitl will recover physically in several weeks without treatment, but the experience is excruciating and likely to leave permanent psychological damage. All tzitzimitl can produce functional wings in any form, and they are very adept flyers, capable of hovering and performing devastating dive attacks.

Stronger tzitzimitl can produce orbs of darkness that absorb surrounding light and greatly reduce visibility, even in direct sunlight. They can use this to escape or blind an enemy temporarily. Human legends even say that they can block out the light of the sun entirely and throw the world into darkness, but this has not been confirmed and would likely require a multitude working in concert, if it is even possible. These stronger examples also typically have an alternate form which they use to travel inconspicuously in the area which they call home--it can be an insectoid version of any indigenous animal but they favor flying creatures and those that are fast or agile. The "tell" of the tzitzimitl is a low hum that can be heard around them if one listens carefully. When a group of them is together, it can get quite noticeable so they often cover it up with loud music or something similar.

They do pretty well politically in Gehenna as their cults provide a steady stream of the damned, but their greedy nature gets them into trouble as they are even more likely than the average demon to defy orders if they think they will profit from it. As such they are not really trusted by those that they choose to serve, and tend to move around a lot in society. On Assiah they are more likely to take female lovers than male (as they detest human men) so they are one of the least likely of demons to produce half-spirit children, but it does happen on occasion. When it does, it's usually because they've possessed an unusually spiritually receptive woman and the mixing of their essences causes a pregnancy. Such children are extremely valued (some might even say loved) by their demon parent and are given high positions in their cults, acting as liaisons between their mothers and their worshipers.

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