Qeb Picture

General Information

First name: Qeb (Qu-eb)
age: 19
Date of birth: December 31
Race: Human
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight with exceptions
Current residence: USA
Relationship status: Taken
Social status: nice to every one, friends with few.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 130 lb
Eye color: gold
Skin color: dark, olive brown skin
Shape of face: angular
Distinguishing features: straight thin hair that has shaved stripes through hidden until he pulls his hair back. gold angular eyes
Build of body: tall, has a lot of muscle definition but isn't overly buff
Hair color: jet black
Hair style: straight, all one length except for the shaved parts
Complexion: has a light dusting of freckles that are practically invisible.
Tattoos: had the points around his eyes tattooed on very young. he has Egyptian wings on his back that curve onto his front, and a black and blue scarab on the back of his neck
Piercings: none
Is seen by others as: quiet, reserved,


Likes: His Egyptian heritage, learning about cultures
Dislikes: His freckles, most sweets
Fears: heights,
Personal goals: be an Historian
General attitude: Quiet but open and honest around his friends and family
Religious values: Believes in the old Egyptian Gods/Goddesses, but picks things from other cultures to follow along with


Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): none
Sleeping habits: sleeps like a cat, anytime, anywhere
Eating habits: eat most anything unless its too sweet for his taste.
Memory: very good
Any unhealthy habits: none

Birth place: Egypt
Briefly explain life story: Born in Egypt and lived there most of his life. He fell in love with Mythology (Egyptian) and studied it as often as he could, and eventually moved on to other Mythologies. He has a love of Fairy tales and Folklores. he frequently traveled between Egypt and Ireland in his childhood, and moved to America when he was 18 with his parents


Parents: Father (egyptian) and Mother (irish) (names less for now...)
Siblings: None
Any enemies (and why): no that he's aware of
Friends: Trysten, Zaq, Daq, Qeb, Quin, An, Xavier,
Best friend(s): Mikolah
Love interest (if there is one): Mikolah


Occupation: currently works at a restaurant as one of the wait staff.
Favourite types of food: no preference, just nothing too rich
Hobbies/past times: listening to music, reading, studying, playing drums, cooking
Guilty pleasures: chick-flick romance movies
Pet peeves: messes
Pets: Smoke colored Egyptian Mau named Osiris
Talents: playing drums, can draw fairly well
Favourite colors: green
Favourite type of music: not picky will listen to anything

Qeb (c) me
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