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The following story is quite something else, apart from all the previous stories I have published on my blog (and on DA). It is more or less a description of a magical ritual but not the most usual ritual I must say. It gives a detailed description on how to receive a "Lidérccsirke", a demonical ghost chicken which fulfills all wishes of its owner. Well, almost all wishes as there are some exeption....

If anyone ever succeeded in hatching one of these eggs, please do let me know, as I would love to know what this "devil chicken" looks like for real. I'll bet it is one ugly little bastard.

The story was given to me by Daniel, who himself also made an artwork depicting this creature which you can view here: [link]

NOTE: would you also like to see your story get illustrated? please check out my previous blog post and read the guidelines: [link]


Story Title: Lidérccsirke
Submitted by: Daniel Kristofy
Country: Hungary

The "Lidérccsirke" (ghost chicken) is a Hungarian (and Slowakian) creature depicted in folklore . It is said that when a black chicken's first egg is smaller than regular, it will become a ghost chicken. It is important that one will hatch the egg himself, or else it will bring death upon his family. The chicken, once fully grown, fulfills its owner's wishes, except wishes for money because old Hungarian money had a cross printed on the back of the coin and as this chicken is somehow a devil's manifest, it could not touch holy materials.
If someone does not want to own a "Lidérccsirke" they can get rid of it by throwing the unhatched egg over one's shoulder, doing so while standing in front of the house.


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