for the rest of the flight this is our area finish Picture

for the rest of the flight this is our area finished

Well here’s another series, just like the kingdom hearts series awhile back. I am using all OCs from you good folks here on DA, the theme of this series is based on the highly rated hit total drama island, total drama action, total drama world tour and total drama revenge of the Island. Like the series I am use many different locations and seasons to place oc in. I am picking oc’s that I like for this series, and once I finished this series I may not come back to (depends if I feel like). I hope you guys like this series


kiara milton

Name: Kiara Milton (mother's former married name)

Meaning of name: Celtic Kiara means small, dark

Nickname: Kiki

Meaning of nickname: Shortened version of her first name.

Stereotype: Good girl

Age: 16

Race: Black, and Chinese

Hometown: Pontiac Michigan, America

Birthday: May 17

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Religion: Prefer not to answer

Allergies: Bee stings, pollen

Sexual preference: Men

Occupation: High school student

Way of speaking: Mannerly

Theme Song(s): N/A

Personal Quote: "I don’t get paid enough for this."


Hair color: Black

Hair style and length: mid back and semi down

Eye color: Olive green

Eyesight: Far-sighted in the left eye, wears glasses for reading

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120 lb.

Clothing style: Blue skinny jeans, gray leather jacket, black converse sneakers, and purple and black belly shirt

Abnormalities: None

Distinguishing Marks(scars, tattoos, etc.): A spiral on her wrist

Self Care(makeup): Red lipstick

First impressions on people: Very

Skin Color: Medium tan

Body type/build: Curvy

Measurements(females only): 30 D-24 W-31 H

Usual expression: Calm

Posture: Stands up straight

Piercings: Pearl earrings

Describe their voice: Timid voice

Weapon of choice: Spud gun


Mom: Mei Milton

How do they get along: She looks up to her mother as a role model and tutor, as her mother is a university professor in Chinese language. Her mother taught her how to be a respectable lady as well as having the intelligence in all school subjects. When Kiara's parents divorced, her mother give custody with no visiting rights to her father, later moving to a new province in Canada.

Dad: Jason Milton

How do they get along: She looked up to her father, as he was an archaeologist. When he and Mei had an argument that resulted in their divorce, Kiara knew that she would be able to stay with her father but will not see her mother.

Siblings: None

How do they get along: N/A

Children: None

How do they get along: N/A

Other family members: Stepmother, stepsister (Courtney), relatives in America

Past lover(s): None

Current lover: Crush on Alejandro

Reaction to meeting someone new: Will hide behind someone she is close to and give a small smile

Ability to work with others: She counts on the teamwork of an entire group to get things done

How Sociable(shy, etc.): Very shy

Friends: Owen, Courtney, Bridgette, Cody, Duncan, DJ

Pets: Shiba Inu named Mina (hers)

Least favorite type of person: Those who do not like education, stuck-up people

Affinity with...: Alejandro (liking), Courtney (related by marriage)

Favorite people: Owen, Izzy (kind of)

Least favorite people: Heather and Lindsey(sort of)


When you first meet them: Calm, mature, but extremely shy.

As you know them better(and they like you): Friendly and helpful

As you know them better(and they hate you): Bitchy

Positive characteristics:
-Thinks over situations before she acts

Negative characteristics:
-Not that physically strong
-Critical with those who don't even try
-Vengeful with those who hurt her family/friends
-Lacks fun aspect
-Tends to hold a grudge
Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Junk foods, and chocolate

Favorite animal: Wolf

Favorite instrument: Trumpet

Favorite element: Earth

Favorite remembered moment in life: When she and Courtney finally got along

Least favorite color: Pink

Least favorite food: Tofu

Least favorite animal: Toads

Least favorite instrument: Drums

Most hated moment in life: When her parents divorced

Hobbies: playing videogames, reading, watching TV. Cooking, drawing, and singing

Usual mood: Calm

Drink/smoke/drugs: drinks

How serious are they: Second-highest level

(In)Dependent: Independent

Soft spot/vulnerability: Family/friends, animals
Opinion on swearing: Stuff happens

Daredevil or Cautious: Cautious

Favorite music type: Calming sounds, classics, jazz, hip hop, rap, and pop

Favorite movie type: Comedy, action, occasional drama or romance

Favorite book type: Mangas and comics

Comfortable temperature: She can tolerate cold temperature, but cannot stand blistering heat

Sleeping pattern: Stays up until she passes out (about 4
Continue Reading: Places