PowerMan vs. Hooded Justice Picture

PowerMan and Hooded Justice are both superheroes. They are both leaders. They are both good men. And yet, they are at odds.

Hooded Justice is the leader and founder of the Heroic Order of Themis. This superhero team was the first of it's kind, mimicing the modern mythology of comic books, and growing steadily over the it's six years of existence. The Order is dedicated to the principle of Justice (it is, after all, named after the Greek goddess of justice) above all else. It stands for creating harmony and peace throughout the world. There are nearly two dozen members of this secret Order. While originally, they were the bane of the legal system, they've been legitimized in the last year, particularly as Governer Alan Green of Pennsylvania (secretly the hero, Patriot) has influenced politicians in favor of the Order.

PowerMan is the figurehead and co-founder of the Radicals, a newer, smaller group that consider themselves more a movement than a team. Though smaller in number, the Radicals are each more powerful than almost any one member of the Order individually. They believe that because they were blessed with extreme power, they have a responsibility to use it for the betterment of the world. Their essential belief is that that which is wrong in the world must be treated at the root; and that they are strong enough to change things this deeply. This philosophy puts them irreconcileably at odds with the powers that be.

The existence of these groups raises questions in regards to the nature of good. While ideals like Justice, Harmony and Peace require a general adnerance to the status quo, and to the social mores of the time and place; other ideals like Equality and Progress, if they are to be achieved, require change at the deepest levels. While the Order are aware of corruption within the system, they believe it is best to change things from within the system. The Radicals would suggest that nothing will ever improve by this method.

Hooded Justice and PowerMan, in particular, find themselves the center of the debate of a superhero's role in society. This seems fitting, with their places as the figureheads of their respective organizations; and the visual similarity of the heroes. Both wear costumes with hoods, and flowing capes (PowerMan's is actually a vest), and a red and black color scheme. They both wear domino masks, and they both speak with a loud, commanding voice. Alternatively, PowerMan is youthful and Justice is aging. PowerMan is clean cut and deliberate in his appearance, while Hooded Justice is more weathered and haphazard.

Perhaps the struggle between these two titans will go on forever. If it does, the intrigue of the situation will never die. For in a struggle, who does one side with when both sides are right?
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