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Xros Forms without Bilbo. They are mainly transport, but that doesn't mean they can't fight if need be.



Name: Kakurenbomon

Type: Oni

Attribute: Virus

Name Origin: Jap. "Kakurenbo" is a game played in Japan that is directly similar to "Hide and Seek". It means "Chase the Demon"

Spectral Stride (Multi Target/AoE/Buff/Moderate Damage) : Kakurenbomon dashes through enemy waves, leaving light purple flames in his wake that burn foes for 5 seconds. Kakurenbomon's speed is doubled during the attack and decreases back to normal after 10 seconds.

Brandish the Demon (Multi Target/High Damage) : Waving his Kanabo, Kakurenbomon strikes at nearby foes with great force. Because of his unbalance, the damage can very to high damage to destructive damage depending. However, this attack leaves him wide open for counter attacks should he miss.

Ushitora Breath (Single Target/Moderate DoT/Disable: Blind) : Exhaling, Kakurenbomon emits a pastel purple poisonous haze in the opponent's face that drains them of their health. Once inhaled, the foe's vision blurs for a short amount of time and their stamina slowly but surely depletes itself. The smell is said to be the mix of mold, corpses, and old coffee.

Kimon Beckoning (AoE/Cleanse/Disable: Fear) : Blinking to a different location or if not seen, perching somewhere hidden, Kakurenbomon's bells chime hauntingly cleansing it of any disables. The song sounds kinda like a mix between Verdi's "Dies Irae" and a church bell rendition of "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities if played long enough.

Role: Fighter

Additional Info: Kakurenbomon's extreme laziness comes from Bonk. Hu, while obviously apparent by the tattoo on his body, doesn't really say or do much. You have to force this xros to do anything but, ironically, he doesn't mind doing something along the lines of transporting or breaking down doors or locks.

Pros: Great Attack/good speed/amazing hide and seek player/pretty decent intelligence
Cons: Terrible defense/terrible endurance/very lazy/unbalanced when attacking; opens up easily to counter attacks/poor personal hygiene/Easily kited/Can injure self very easily/Easily tricked/Defiant

@ Kakurenbo has a broken horn and a broken fang. The other fang is missing.
@ Kakurenbo sports 5 fingers and 4 toes.
@ The Kanabo is made of an iron and chrome digizoit alloy. It weighs 700 pounds (318 kg) and anyone else who tries to pick it up, unless sporting great strength, will injure themselves. Kakurenbo can pick it up easily, albeit with a bit of difficulty at first.
@ The momentum from the 700 pound kanabo is so powerful, he can dent or completely demolish any metal. The type of metal and how thick it is determines the damage. It is the ultimate defense crippler.
@ While having true flight, he cannot stop easily. He can also be weighed down; Kakurenbo is not super strong.
@ His Left arm is stronger than his right arm by leagues.
@ His right arm is actually very skinny under the cloth. His unbalanced nature comes from a very off equilibrium in thanks to Hu's presense.
@ Thanks to Hu, he has free reign to go incorporeal or invisible. But he is rather stupid sometimes and forgets.
@ Kakurenbo says the word "damn" a lot.


Name: MoonCherubimon

Type: Beast

Attribute: Data

Name Origin: Eng. Moon. Heb. Cherubim are the second highest order of angels. MoonCherubimon itself is based off of the mythical moon rabbit. You usually see this myth as a more prominent thing in Asian Mythology.

Mochi Mochi, MoonCherubimon Desu~ (Up to 3 targets/Disable/ Moderate impact damage) -
MoonCherubimon tosses three sticky mochi cakes that explode on impact. After the initial explosion opponents are stuck fast in place or slowed dramatically.

Bunbun Mooncake (Multi-Target/AoE/ High Damage) - MoonCherubimon throws a massive mooncake filled with explosive and tasty jelly.

Sticky Kine (Single Target/High Damage/ Disable) - Smashes opponents with a mochi covered kine. It can snare or slow depending on how beat up the opponent is by the kine.

Weeaboo Webber (Multi-Target/AoE/ Disable) - Uses its frustration to slap-box opponents with its massive hands. Covered in Mochi, the damage is little to nonexistent but it snares foes in really sticky mochi and paste and jelly.

Role: Support/Bruiser

Additional Info: It always appears frustrated and angry. Maybe it's born from Kuwaga's pent up frustration and anger, or maybe it's an entirely different digimon altogether. Whichever one, it doesn't shirk orders given to it by Jakobi and is moderately friendlier towards him than anything. It also likes to eat its own foods and doesn't like to share with anyone, yet people eat its food anyway. Maybe that's a reason why it always appears mega angry...

Pros: Disables are extremely helpful/can tank easily/nimble attacks/can move very fast by hopping/can dig/is very intelligent/extremely hard to trick, taunt, kite, bait, etc.
Cons: While it can hit hard, attack power lacks/doesn't work well with others/it's always angry/heavily depends on slowing or snaring opponents/bad eyesight/will attack allies/cannot fly or go incorporeal/it's very heavy and can be slowed or snared by own attacks/can't talk but makes rabbit noises

@ While it can't fly or go incorporeal, it can dig and somewhat swim
@ MoonCherubimon likes dark places and can see in the dark. It's somewhat nocturnal.
@ It likes to eat small plants and then spit them up to toss at people who make it angry
@ There's heavy evidence that Kuwaga's frustration is this xros in a physical form


ClickBeetmon Leitmotif

Name: Clickbeetmon Leitmotif

Type: Undead

Attribute: Virus

Name Origin: Eng; Click Beetle/ Ger; A "leitmotif" or "leading motif" is a short reoocuring piece of music associated with a particular person, place, or thing. A closer version of this is concept of "idée fixe". In short, it's a theme song associated with an object or person.


-Soushoukuon (Grace Note) (Single Target/Disable: Fear): Leitmotif just sits there.... staring. It's unnerving enough to somewhat cause uneasiness in foes. The eye seems to always follow the foe around making it worse.

-Eion ( Sharp Note) (Multi-Target/De-buff/Moderate Damage): Leitmotif plays a terrible sharp note (extremely shrill; maybe a very high D) that stuns the enemy and lowers their senses (hearing and vision). 20% chance to deal critical hit damage.

-Honikigou (Natural Note) (Single Target/Buff/Disable: Fear): Leitmotif buffs itself for some odd reason and just sits there staring at the enemy. There is a chance it could scare someone. But why is it just sitting there?

-Zenompu (Whole Note) (Multi-Target/Humongous AoE/Massive Damage/ Disable: Stun): Leitmotif plays a note so loud it rips apart the landscape (wind/sound damage) and causes enemies to double over in pain. Temporary deafness and a lot of broken glass await foes or a giant area if unprepared. 45% chance to deal a critical hit. The attack's intensity grows the more damage Leitmotif has taken.


Additional info: It's extremely passive aggressive towards itself and others and sometimes doesn't even move because so. The two parties that create this xros dislike each other so much that sometimes the only thing this xros can do is stare at others and buff itself. Inside it is partially hollow and its legs are made of a mysterious and toxic purple haze that drains the life out of anyone who breathes it in. While it has amazing defensive capabilities, it cannot regenerate and if the toxic haze seeps out, it is disasterous until the xros breaks or is forcefully broken. Hu is in total control of this xros; the jokester part of him anyway. He seems to think scaring people is a little funny...

Amazing defensive capabilities; can take attack after attack and still remain hardy/ damage output is only increased the more it is attacked/ stamina is great/ plays great music/ baiting and taunting skills are godly

Cons: Mobility is almost nonexistant / somewhat poor eyesight; it's always staring to get a good picture / is suseptable to fire and fire based attacks hilariously easily / components do not get along; xros is able to break due to the instability of the digimon / difficult to command if being attacked / purple haze and Zenompu deals critical collateral damage that can indeed be lethal

@ Leitmotif is always playing a flat minor song or a sharp major song. Ironically it never plays A major/ C minor tune.
@ Leitmotif plays very gentle music even though it can sound awfully sharp or flat
@ When attacking, Leimotif plays harsh dissonance or a dark reprise of a cheerful song.
@ Hu likes to play anything in 6/8 time or 3/4 time.
@ Clickbeetmon plays everything in cut time or 10/12 time.
@ Fire seems to be the one true weakness it has. As an undead digimon it cannot drown, be electrocuted (fire will happen though...), stranged, maimed, chopped and screwed, or yelled at harshly.
@ If one sets a fire inside of it, it can blow up due to the purple haze
@ Leitmotif might play a nice orchestral rendition of a nice song if using its Soushoukuon attack.


Goblimon Electric Tamer

Name: Goblimon Electric Tamer

Type: Enhancement

Attribute: Virus

Name Means: Eng; Goblin. Electric. Tamer.


-Rabbit Ball
(Single target/Moderate Damage): Bunny Kuwaga shoots a dense electric ball at opponents.

-Shocking Shogi (Multi-Target/Low-Moderate Damage/Disable: Stun): Bonk swings his electric charged Kyoketsu-Shogi at opponents from far away. The damage output is increased with each successful attack and can cause slight paralysis. The chance for paralysis is 25%.

-Judgement Sling (Multi-Target/Moderate Damage): Bonk slings a lightning bolt shaped Kyoketsu-Shogi at foes at a blinding speed flinging the lightning as a projectile to cause damage.

-Density Coil (Single Target/Low Damage/Disable: Dusrupt and Stun): Bunny Kuwaga shoots very low damage static disrupter from his ears. The static comes from the nodes on his ears and disrupt the foe for a quick second. Luckily for him, the nodes recharge immediately as long as there's static or electricity around. If there is none, they take a while to charge.

Role: Ranged Support

Additional Info: Two components who are virtually opposites of one another create a xros that is nothing special. It's bulkier than normal so it can take more attacks, it's stronger than normal so it can dish out more damage, and it's speedier than normal so it can outrun some digimon/xros forms. Kuwaga might hesitate to move and Bonk might become too impatient and yell and get distracted from something important. But if both takes attributes from the other, this xros makes an excellent support as it can keep foes away nimbly.

Pros: Balanced stats/amazing supporting capabilities/ range is amazing

Cons: Balanced stats/ both components are completely 180 from each other/ cannot snowball at all unless given buffs/ might hesitate thanks to kuwaga/ might rush in and miscalculate thanks to Bonk/ cannot fight at close range

@ The cord for the Kyoketsu-Shogi is made of small aluminum cords and is about 25ft (8.3yd) long.
@ Bonk gets really annoyed easily in this form thanks to Kuwaga.
@ Kuwaga's Density Coil is a weak EMP that stuns foes for about 2 seconds. Afterwards they return back to normal unless Kuwaga combos the static.
@ Rabbit Ball has a variable charging period.
@ If the little nodes on Kuwaga's ears are busted, he cannot use Density Coil. The more that are broken, the weaker the attack and more ineffective the stun.
@ Kuwaga is about 8 ft tall on his back legs. Bonk is close to 6 1/2 feet tall.
@ This xros is based on the Tamer Class in Pokemon.
@ Kuwaga is based on an Angora Rabbit.

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