Pokemon Trainer Picture

Yep. . I have been thinking about it for a long time. . anyway, here is my Pokemon trainer.


Character- Belongs to me. Do not steal. : < I worked hard on him

Here is his bio~

Name: Leonard Zynthe

Trainer Type: Dark/Ghost

Age: 20

Height: 5''7

Build: Thin

Team: Mismagius, Haunter, Gothitelle

Hair: Grey with a single purple hair clip

Eyes: Dark purple

Skin: Rather pale

Appearance: Long, black sweater with a purple pattern down the center and at the sleeves. He also has a purple hair clip with a black spider dangling from it. Leonard wears black pants with a silver belt. He adorns purple eyeshadow and black lipstick.

His Pokemon are at level 65.

Personality: Enigmatic, Caustic, slightly vivacious, Disturbing, Coquet towards men.

Likes: Creeping people out, battling, his Pokemon (will make sure nothing happens to them and treats them like his children.), candles, lavender scented things, curses, mythology, gems, and dark places such as caves. He also loves abandoned places and magic.

Dislikes: People making fun of his makeup, those who steal his Pokemon, those who don't fight fair, his hair getting messed up, being called "girly" (and being mistaken for one from behind. His figure is rather feminine.)

Leonard's parents are traveling fortune tellers and each have Pokemon of their own. He worked with them in their caravan ever since he was 12. When the time came he decided to stop and create his own adventure. His first Pokemon was a male Haunter he nicknamed "Spook". At age 15 he set out on a quest to simply level up his Pokemon and travel around the globe simply to see the sights.

*He has a strange ability to be in a room and have no one notice he is there.*

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