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Sabah got first place and under-saddle champ! Congrats, girl!

So, I got this crazy idea in my head to make Sabah and her rider Furies. Pretty nice idea, except BRAIDS.

They took me over two hours to plan and draw. Probably near three. Raargh.

Everything else was pretty normal.

Horse's Name- Step To Me ("Sabah")
Horse's Main Ref- [link]
Rider- Emily Peregrine
Stable- Sabuli Stabulum
Costume- Furies (specifically Alecto and Tisiphone, the two who hunt down murderers)

Rhea was looking for show riders.

Though she could ride well, she was expanding her stables to untested waters. Sidesaddle? Never touched one. Gaited breeds? Sabah was her first. And racehorses? They were nearly like aliens compared to the gentle giants she normally kept.

So she put out a few seeds of promise online, and within a few weeks, had several interested and promising applicants.

There were three that stuck out to her, siblings, sisters. They arrived on a Saturday, when Rhea was training a new rescue dog to be calm around horses. Their rusty old truck rumbled down the road, slowly emerging from the darkness of the forest path, before pulling uncertainly alongside the house Rhea lived in.

There was nothing uncertain, however, about how they introduced themselves. The eldest and shortest, the brunette, introduced herself while completely ignoring the surroundings. The middle child, blonde and slight of frame, went straight to the pit bull that was looking cautiously at the newcomers. And the youngest, another blonde with hair down to the middle of her back and a more muscular frame, strode toward Sabah, lifting up her hooves in turn, checking, Rhea assumed, for signs of soring. Happy to find intact and well-shaped hooves, she then introduced herself, the other walking over in turn. Rhea took them into the kitchen, set out water and lemonade, and began to talk to them.

They seemed a perfect fit. They had been raised on a gaited horse farm, and in college, had dispersed to different areas of expertise, the eldest to racing, the middle to more gaited horses, the youngest to rescue and blacksmithing.

When they produced their applications, Rhea took it as an omen. Their middle names were a shock, Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone, respectively. Having a deep-rooted interest in Greco-Roman mythology and culture, Rhea immediately recognized the characters their mother had named them after, and once she had seen the three of them at work, hired them.

Emily, the middle child, was the first to show. At October's Halloween show, she rode Sabah in the rescue's first show. Though it had taken quite some time to get prepared, she and her sisters were as enthusiastic about Halloween as Rhea was, and this proved to be an extraordinary combination. As Sabah strutted around the arena, the false entrails jiggling to her pace, Emily rode with perfect demeanor and patience, guiding the horse into the correct patterns.

Rhea had high hopes for the future.

The Furies ("Kindly Ones," "Gracious Ones," "Angry Ones") were Greek demons, basically, but they were...good? They would hunt and torture evil-doers, even if it was a question of ethics, not law. So yeah, they were pretty awesome. They were depicted with blood dripping from their eyes and mouths, sometimes with bat or bird wings, sometimes with the bodies of dogs, and often with snakes either as their hair, in their hair, or twining around their limbs.

So, Sabah has all-natural food coloring (stuff like pomegranate juice and other horse-friendly fruits were used to make the dye) to imitate the blood, snakes sewn to her boots, "entrails" (rubber stuff" twisted around her reins, and her dyed-green mane done up in snakes. They were braided with a thick wire in it, the wire end rounded so as to not hurt her (I did this myself when I was a fury, and it worked.
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