Concept Art - The Jotunn Picture

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Storm, Ice and Fire Giant.
After the unification of norse countries under the flag of Asgard, the island of Jotunheim has become the last place on Earth where the giant humanoids known as Jotunn can be found.
Jotunn are divided into Ice Giants (Hrimbursar), Fire Giants (Müspellsgermir) and the only-female subspecies known as Storm Giants or Valkyries (Thorimsard).
Fire Giants live in highly volcanic areas and are quite primitive humanoids; Ice Giants are tribal and warring individuals still worshipping the Norse Gods and specially mythical beings such as the Giant Angrboda, Loki, Ymir and the Jormungardr; while the Storm Giants are defined as gigantic amazons that are an offshoot of Ice Giants.
King Ymir of the Ice Giants rules from the massive Utrgardr Bastion, Surtur of the Fire Giants rule from Jarnvior and Queen Skadi of the Storm Giants commands her amazonian armies from the Skarldrassil Keep.
Storm Giants are friendly with the Domination, while Ymir and Surtur plea allegiance to King Odin of Asgard.
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