Valhalla Scanlation: V9 Page 13 Picture

Valhalla Volume 9: Den Store Udfordring/The Big Challenge
Page 13
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DUN DUN DUN.. they're going to somewhere other than Utgard! (unless østerled is in utgard in this continuity...)
You can book your own hotel in østerled here if you want: [link]
It's fun when real slightly-obscure places pop up in comics. Good vacation inspiration!
Oh, and also Tjalfe's heart is double broken, yadda yadda yadda..
Tjalfe: There's only roon for ONE of us that dodges punishment like a premier league douchebag.. and makes people cry... T^T

Mythology time: Freya is the goddess of love. In this comic most of the goddesses are buddies so yeah. Not much else to add.
Word trivia time: What Tjalfe says in the last panel originally is 'hold bucket!' which I'm assuming is another idiom. 'Put a lid on it!' seemed fitting XD

valhalla belongs to peter masden, I am only translating it for the benefit of us english speaking folks~ Here's hoping an official translation comes out eventually!
original raw scans from data9724
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