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Page twentyone. I realised too late that it should have been some kind of light source at the shore. Oh well, I guess there is light coming from, uh... somewhere... so the place isn't too dark.

Bakkhos is of course an another name for Dionysos (probably better known under the Latin spelling Bacchus). One thing that's always bothered me when I've read books about ancient Greece, is that you're never told much about the ordinary and less noble parts of their cities. What about the shops, the taverns, the brothels? We know from ancient texts that there were such places, but I guess not much of the physical remains have survived. Instead they go on and on about the temples and public buildings at Acropolis and the Agora.

Now, wasn't it a good thing that Hermes stole some of Charon's money? He would only have boozed them up and poor Melito and Theodoros would had to wait to cross the river until he came back (and then he would probably been dead drunk).
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