Light and Dark Picture

LIGHT: Aaron
Well-versed in folklore and mythology during his college days, Aaron rarely needs to do much research when encountering paranormal threats. He was first called to his mission when he found a stray cat on New Year's Eve, which he adopted and named Mary. Soon after, Mary exhibited very peculiar abilities and led Aaron directly to a cemetery, where he met his first supernatural enemy: a ghoul desecrating graves. The monster disclosed that this year marked the Ending of the World, and all the surviving creatures and monsters from world folklore were panicking and coming out of hiding to wreak havoc until they gathered at the place and time of the Ending in December. After the death of the ghoul, Aaron had no idea what to do. The police and military would never believe such a thing, and he couldn't just sit back and do nothing while abominations killed innocent people. He decided to leave, to find the place of the Ending and do whatever he could to stop it. Packing only what essentials he needed, he left his home and followed Mary as she led him north...

DARK: Meyer
Meyer delights in evil, plain and simple. Mystery surrounds Meyer's identity, and he seems to be morally and spiritually everything Aaron isn't. Petty, wrathful, foul-mouthed, sadistic, reckless, and self-centered, Meyer also has no respect for any authority(even Hla'Minh, his "creator"), and will torture and kill just about anyone he meets for any stupid reason he can think of, or even for no reason at all. He is a deadly marksman but lacks efficient hand-to-hand skills. Meyer possesses the twisted ability to make himself appear exactly like Aaron by generating a "shroud" around him, and he greatly enjoys performing hideous acts while wearing Aaron's face. As a mockery of Aaron's relationship with Mary, Meyer is paired with a deranged, savage hyena named Gein, expertly trained to kill. Meyer's only purpose is to ruin Aaron's life as much as possible. Oddly, the "rules" surrounding Meyer's creation prevent him from killing Aaron directly, and vice-versa.

Two enemies, opposite ends of one whole, each unable to kill the other. How will their conflict possibly end? And what tragedies will occur before it ends, if it ends at all?

The Ending Night is © Adam Ferguson
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