Tempietto- Not Finished Picture

This is a close product of my water colour painting that I am doing for my art class.
Every thing that you see there is water colour paint, and that's a pain in the arse to work with. We had to pick an architectural building and then make it so it was in two-point perspective. Then we had to put it in a scene- it could be anywhere we wanted it. Naturally, the Tempietto is located, I believe, in the middle of Rome- in the middle of the city. As you can see here, I decided to place it by mountains in a field. I think I was aiming for a sort of mythological feel to it *eyeroll*
We were supposed to use tonal values and show a sense of depth, as well as other water-colouring techniques.
This isn't finished. I've worked on it for about nine or ten art classes, which works up to 675-750 minutes on it, plus the four hours I did today after school.
I plan on using some water colour pencils to add detail, then I should be done.

I prefer the sky overall, myself.

NOTE~ I didn't take this, my mom did. Jacked it off her fb page XD Actually, I was the one holding it >.o
NOTE ~NOTE~ ignore the 'ittle border thingie. mom likes to go nuts with that shiz. I heart you <33

Tempietto (C) Donato Bramante
Painting (C) 2010 ~ArchangelsMuse~
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