Protector Picture

Wow, this came out...different than I was expecting originally. But I really like it. Anyways, it's a Vhyx. Big surprise. The phrase just sort of popped into my head, might change it later. It seemed to fit the mood though.

A bit of explanation: Vhyx, in some parts of my headcanon, exists as the Avatar of Karma. It isn't exactly what you'd expect that to mean, though. She grants protection (from whatever) to anyone who treats her well, but if you don't, don't expect a single ounce of favor. Only rarely does she act on a personal slight, since her place isn't to deliver justice or revenge. But she does have a very, very good memory for those sorts of things. She's based around the idea that you get out of things what you put into them. The runes over her eyes reflect that (they're Norse, because Norse mythology is for winners).

I haven't actually drawn a lot of srsVhyx. She's mostly just been my outlet of derp, and she still will be, in a probably much more eyesburn-y form than this. But Vhyx takes many forms, because I want her to.

Also, I'm super-proud of this. Even though it looks a little vent-art-like. it really isn't. I've been working on this for a good while now, and could finally finish because NEWTABLETYAY.
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