Just a bunch of dreamers 71 Picture

Part number 71 of this comic; created with Walfas:

I think, I owe everyone an explanation. First, "Idafeld" is from the northern mythology. It's the name of one level in the middle of Asgard. It was a place for crafting, judging, consulting and gathering, which makes it not only the geographical middle, but also the social center of Asgard.

And since I don't really know, when or how, I'll introduce Renraku's new ability, I'll give you a description:
Renraku gets the ability "mana-charged". With that, all his summonings are two-times stronger, faster and flexible, but Renraku needs only the half of the normal amount of magical power. Furthermore, he can charge his summoning with the power of an element (an example: -Menagerie of Iron- Locust on fire!). He can also charge his chains with an element without summoning the normally required elemental.
However, there are disadvantages, too. Pure Mana is extremly poisonous, so he can't use "mana-charged" abilities the whole time. But you'll see the whole effect in another part of the story.
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