Gods Picture

I felt like drawing some divinities. The first two are both from Winterlands and the third is from The Thief Queen.

Laer: Laer is the warrior goddess that the Laero worship. She's sort of like Ares and also like Persephone since she married Old Man Winter (the story is they only can stand each other for so long because they are both strong willed so they start fighting in autumn and don't make up til spring). She's fun.

Ristina O'Farre: Ristina is the goddess that the pirates worship. She's a trickster figure and a selkie. She used to be one of them until (long mythology very short) she stole some gold from the sun god and hid in the water. This is why pirates live entirely at sea, because it's the only place they're safe. They also think that dead pirates turn into selkies/seals and serve her in her palace under the waves.

Tirla: Tirla is the goddess of fire and one of the original creator gods. She's the patron god of humans and she also has a daughter with the god of water who ended up becoming the main god. Tirla is pretty awesome but she is the first of the original four to become corrupted and kicks off the war which almost destroys all of creation so there is that.
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