Tintin:Screaming like a Banshee Picture

This is my fanfic centered around Irish ghosts

It starts when Tintin and Snowy, Captain Haddock and Hercule Poirot are traveling by train in Ireland but bad weather strands them, along with Lupin the 3rd and Jigen and Inspector Zenigata (who temporarly has them) and there all forced to spend the night in a haunted castle, it's aslo home to the legendary warrior and bard Oisin, now a very old man living among the ghosts of the past

The next day it's discoverd that an eminet scholer of mythology and the paranormal has been savagely murderd, it turns out that a powefull celtic vampire, who's been recently relesed accidentally by a construction crew, and he is after an artifact called the Black Cauldran, which can create an army of the undead, so basically Tintin and friends have to stop the vampire

There's one part of the plot that's based off of the Hellboy story "The Corpes", when Captain Haddock is kiddnapend (it was Tintin the villians were originally after) Lupin and Jigen end up on a mission to find a place to bury a dead man in return for the Captain

Also, in this adventure Tintin discovers that he was an Irish druid in a past life

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