OC Set: RP with Nia Fer Picture

Name: Nia Fer (Knee-Uh Fur)
Age: 20
Gender/Sex: Female/Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Relationship: Single
Height: 5 ft 2 in
Weight: 100 lbs
Personality: Odd, quiet, mysterious, mindful, cowardice, trouble maker, seems innocent but isn't, and secretive
Species: Bat Elf
Likes: Books, movies, mythology, fashion, swimming, night time, quiet places, the moon, sleeping and stealing
Dislikes: Day time, ropes, loud people, crowds, boxing, hardcore music, advanced technology, and being int erupted
Occupation: Rookie Thief
-Her garter belt hold poison darts and a retractable blade.
-Don't touch her ears.
-She has difficulty seeing during the day, but she sees fine at night
-She grew up in a similar way that colonial settlers did (candles, no technology, etc.) She knows very little about electronics so she tends to avoid them.

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