Reaper ref Picture

Name: Vance Mistral

Alias/Nickname: Reaper

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Dog (Doberman)/demon

What was stolen: His family--Wife, sister, and daughter.

Abilities: Able to capture souls of the recently dead and turn them into willow wisps

--About Willow Wisps: They are small approximatly the size of a mouse, they have an even smaller solid center. Willow Wisps can be hurled at an opponent doing damage similar to a small pebble being thrown by a person of average strength. Willow wisps can be destroyed if the center is destroyed, the center is just a bit harder than a bone. Once destroyed willow wisps are gone forever. The color of a wisp is random (make them whatever color you like). The flames are usually hot, but not enough to burn.

Physical Strengths:
>Very fast on land and in the air
>horns and claws are razor sharp
>High tolerance for pain

Physical Weaknesses:
>Wings, Tail, and head horns are fragile
>Blind in left eye
>Nose is very tender and will cause temporary double vision, loss of ability to smell, and will throw off his balance greatly causing him to be unable to fly or run
>right hind leg has had a previous break in the ankle and will be easy to re-break
>Striking the base of the tail where the spine connects to the hips will cause temporary paralysis of the lower extremities, ie his hind legs and tail.

Height/Weight: 4'9 ft tall/128.3 lb

Personality: Rough and grumpy acting, but actually a big softie inside has a soft spot for children. Brave and fearless, but doesn't like to kill he is mild mannered, but when he becomes frenzied he is uncontrolable

History: His parents dissapeared when he and his sister were young, he was 12 she was only 1. Since their parent's dissapearance he has taken care of his
younger sister by himself, doing whatever was neccessary to take care of her.
He had to resort to theiving and burglary many times to survive. He became anaccomplished theif, but at about age 17 he was caught by one of his targets, the
demon spat poison at him and hit him in the eye causing him to slowly lose his sight
in the left hand eye. At age 18 he met his wife who helped him to establish a trading operation, and he became a skilled merchant, his buisness had been going strong a year when
the theif stole his wife, daughter, and sister away.

>He is able to see the color of a person's soul
>can increase or decrease the size of tail flame at will
>Thumbs are apposable
>prefers to keep his wings to his side to prevent damage
>Eyes glow when angry or excited
>He can swim quite well, flame will turn to embers under water, but will not fully go out
>If his tail should be cut off his flame will sprout from the new end
>Tail flame is a corporeal representation of his soul and cannot burn and is actually cold, however most flinch if he swings it close by.

Likes: being a merchant, flying, warmth, clouds, fish, meat, women, children, nice guys,
family, friends, waterfalls, the beach, music, twilight, moonlight, astrology, mythology,
art, jewelery, gemstones, gold, platinum, silver, testing his skills

Dislikes: rude people, silence, wild fire, loud noises, holy water, being half blind,
stupid questions, child abuse, abandonment, staying in one place, sitting around, rain, snow,
being cold, cabbage, killing, breaking bones, hail, evil hearted people, when someone hurts a loved one,
getting angry, things that taste or smell bad, spicy food

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